Cyber Bullying of David Icke

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Re: Cyber Bullying of David Icke

Post  Sothis on Sat Dec 31, 2011 12:59 pm

Archibald Tonn wrote:When I look at these so-called 'artworks' I am not laughing in the slightest, and let us face it David Icke is the one who in reality is laughing because, it is he who is getting the free publicity. Never in all my years have I seen something so blantly abusive towards a complete stranger.

Lets face it, Icke makes a killing slagging other people off. Why do people get offended when he gets some shit back in his face?

Im sure he is laughing all the way to the bank, especially at the people filling his account.

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Re: Cyber Bullying of David Icke

Post  true lilly on Sat Dec 31, 2011 10:57 pm

Why NO Reviews of David Icke

The finances of DAVID ICKE are

To quote "tintin", "it's all connected".
Right, that's that sorted. Laughing

"Billy Ruben/Ciggy/et al" attacked me
for asking them to STOP PROMOTING CHILD SEX.

"cori" attacked me
for asking that "cori" STOP THREATENING PEOPLE
then had me banned from DIF.

ATS banned me
for "connecting the dots" AND
AND that 'those' caught in "Their" NETworks

And so it goes with
NETworking Forums, that I've dared to FREELY SHARE,

But "they" NEED the world to buy the FALSE, TOO SHORT,
"out of Egypt" 'time line', BECAUSE IT CONvinceS people
"doesn't exist", and that "They" "won't have to pay" for


of FALSE 'gods' and FALSE 'prophets',


Billy Ruben wrote:
McKallisti Of The Sods wrote:First Look At David Icke Remember Who You Are Book Cover...

Well The Cover Looks Like A Mish Mash Of All The Other Books...

I Bet The Content Is Too...

You're the solitary fan of True Lillys threads here,you'll love it in that case...

Not banning me, hardly makes sod a fan, more someone fishing for
something I'm supposed to know.

But while on the topic of David Icke/"TINTIN" trying to CONvince the world that
we aren't real, but only a part of some Alien Reptiles' Computer Matrix...

true lilly wrote:
Hackers steal trove of credit-card details

ANONYMOUS targets security giant and publishes list of clients,
including US Defence Department, Apple and Microsoft.
I Googled "Dust"...and
considering "tintin's" CODE SPEAK and OBSESSION with
'Football'/SOCCER...oh, and "tintin's" many admissions that
"Sports" are a cover for "Secret, Out In The Open,
Coded Conversations"...oh, and "tintin's" RABID HATRED
of "the jews",and that "tintin" also tells us,
Australia/OZ is O'Zion, That Glorious Land Promised to
the regathered of all the Tribes of Israel AND those who
faithfully join them in Serving The Creator God...well,
I'd say this is worth a Very Close and Careful read:

'You cop a missile, you become
dust. You go to Perth, you lose 3-0
and you get some bad articles
… whatever Bill Shankly says, it's

December 31, 2011

"You cop a missile, you become dust. You go to Perth,
you lose 3-0 and you get some bad articles ... whatever Bill Shankly
says, it’s peanuts" ... Gold Coast United's coach, Miron Bleiberg. Photo: Getty Images

After the dangers of life in the Israeli navy, the football field holds no fear for Miron Bleiberg. Michael Cockerill reports.

THERE is a serious side to Miron Bleiberg. You
can see it in his face when he reminisces about his time in the Israeli
military. His eyes mist with a steely gaze, his features harden. Bill
Shankly's eternal quote, ''Some people believe football is a matter of
life and death … I can assure you it is much, much more important than
that'' comes up in conversation. ''I disagree with that,'' Bleiberg
says. He knows.

Not that long ago, Craig Moore described Bleiberg as a
''clown''. True enough, the Gold Coast United coach is larger than life.
Always has been. Unforgettable quotes fall off his tongue like
confetti. Bleiberg is almost constantly humorous, even when he doesn't
know it. He puts that down to the fact English is his second language.
But try to make him the butt of humour, and watch his smile disappear.
Bleiberg expects to be taken seriously, and deserves to be. ''Lizard''
formations, and all.

In his office at Gold Coast United headquarters, there
is a collection of framed photographs propped up against a wall. They're
not hung, because that would suggest permanency, and despite his close
relationship with Clive Palmer, Bleiberg knows coaches live on borrowed
time. It's the business he's in. He's been coaching for the past 29
years, ever since he got his first job, with Hapoel Kiryat Haim, at the
age of 28. Gold Coast United is his 11th job, the past 10 have been
since he arrived in Australia as a backpacker. That's why the
photographs can be packed up at a moment's notice. But he's proud of
them all the same.

Perspective ... Miron Bleiberg. Photo: Getty Images

Poignantly, there's a common theme. A shot of the
Melbourne Knights squad that won the NSL Cup in 1986. Success. A shot of
him signing autographs at the launch of the Brisbane Roar's debut
season in the A-League. ''You can't see it there, but the queue goes
back as far as that tree over there,'' he says. Ego. A photograph of him
standing between Charlie Miller and Jason Culina at a Gold Coast
training session, issuing instructions. ''They're two internationals,
and can you believe when I did the coaching course they failed me on the
midfield play?'' he fumes. Indignation. The theme is clear. Treat me
with respect. Bleiberg's A Licence from Football Federation Australia is
also framed, but he doesn't point it out. You don't have to ask to know

Football may be the world game, but it's not worldly. The
cloistered, one-dimensional atmosphere that pervades a dressing room
has never been Bleiberg's style. He accepts it, and understands it. But
he doesn't believe in it. To him the school of life is the experience
that matters. He arrived in coaching from a unconventional direction.
And it's those lessons that are his bedrock. An A Licence is a
certificate, but that's about all.

So what are those lessons? Unlike the archetypal football
professional, Bleiberg doesn't come from working-class stock. His
father owned an engineering firm, his mother was an architect.

He was educated at the Hebrew Reali School in Haifa, one
of Israel's oldest private schools. A school that spits out business
leaders, heart specialists, military generals, one president (Ezer
Weizman), and, occasionally, future Israeli internationals such as
Yochanan Vollach.

Bleiberg wanted to be a professional footballer, and
perhaps could have been. ''I was a speedy left winger with a good touch
and a good cross,'' he says, with typical immodesty. When he was ''three
or four'', his father began taking him to watch Maccabi Haifa, the team
of the port city's elite. ''My mum was sculpturing, she was an artist
or whatever, and she wanted the peace and quiet on a Saturday afternoon,
so the deal was my dad would take me to the football,'' Bleiberg
laughs. Pretty soon he was more a player than a fan, graduating through
the youth teams until at the age of 16, he was training with the Maccabi
first team squad. But when he was 18, the time came to leave school and
start his compulsory military training. Bleiberg wasn't one of the two
young players given special dispensation to combine a military career
with a football one. ''I knew right then that my chances of being a
professional were over,'' he says. ''The two players who got picked
ahead of me went on to play for Israel, so they were better than me.''

Bleiberg did continue playing while he was in the navy,
and was twice selected in the Armed Services All-Stars team. On his days
off, he would hang out with his friends, playing five-a-side on Haifa
beach in games that included a young Ronnie Rosenthal. ''I knew when I
got together with the football guys, I wasn't that far behind him,'' he
says. But, as always, the demands of his military service came first.

Bleiberg spent five years in the Israeli navy, rising to
the rank of captain. He commanded patrol boats and missile boats,
covering the coastline from Haifa to the Sinai, and also the Red Sea. He
hasn't signed any confidentiality agreement, but there's an unwritten
rule that when you leave the service, you don't go into details. But it
was, literally, life and death. And as he talks about it, that's when
you see Bleiberg's serious side.

''You cop a missile, you become dust,'' he recalls.
''It's not that you go to Adelaide, you go to Perth, you lose 3-0 and
you get some bad articles. Every activity you do is a life-threatening
situation. That's why for me, whatever Bill Shankly says, it's

So how close did Bleiberg come to the edge? ''You're
searching for fishing boats, and every boat can be one of the three,''
he says. ''One, they can be real fishing boat. Two, they can be a drug
smuggler. Or three, they can be a weapons smuggler. When you tell them
to stop, you're going to do a search, you don't know if there is someone
hiding in the engine room. As an officer, you go first. Maybe there is
some terrorist hiding behind the generator, and he gets panic. Usually
he go with the hands up, but maybe you're in a dark room, he panic, he
shoot at you, he blow you up. You don't know. You're waiting for the
hands to come up, and you're sweating. I was lucky, I never got hurt.
But I got friends that died.''

Perhaps the closest Bleiberg came to death was during his
first two years of training. Torture, he calls it. ''You learn to take
your body to the extreme, and learn how much you can take,'' he says.
''Maybe that's why sometimes I'm tough with my players.''

So how tough was it? ''It's winter, maybe 5 degrees, you
go to sleep at 2 o'clock, after night activity, and you wake up after
two hours sleep, so you can go to a swim with your full uniform in the
sea, with the temperature which is probably zero, then you stay with
your wet clothes all day. Just to give you an example. Or you go to a
40-kilometre march when you have to carry someone all the time on a
stretcher with a wooden handle. By the end of it your shoulder is not
blue, it's green from the pain. Every 10km you get five minutes rest. In
this five minutes, you put your head on the bitumen and you fall asleep
because you're dead. For me, even now, I can fall asleep on the beach
on the spot without a pillow.'' That's tough.

AUSTRALIA, then, has been a breeze. Bleiberg left the
military and went to university to study commerce before departing on a
world tour with his partner, who's now his wife. There was a sense of
adventure, but also a sense of pacifism. Coaching came early, almost by
accident, after he bumped into a childhood friend, Itzhak Segal, who
encouraged him to sign up for a course in Tel Aviv. Bleiberg topped the
course, and by the next year was an instructor. ''I decided, basically, I
was a very good coach,'' he says. ''One of the ingredients you need is
natural leadership ingredients, natural charisma. If I didn't have all
this … it wouldn't matter if I went to the military, or I went to

It's Australia where all those life lessons have
coalesced into Bleiberg's coaching career. It might have been Europe,
and Bleiberg says: ''Even as we speak now, I can get a job in Israel. In
Australia, we struggle compared to rugby league and Aussie rules, but I
am happy to suffer for this one because you can sit in the dugout,
there is no violence towards you as a coach, you don't have to leave
with a police escort because your team is losing. That's why I've never
been tempted to go back. I'm happy to work in a non-violent environment,
because I'm a non-violent person. I saw enough killing; I came to
Australia to get away from all this. Can you imagine in Israel, you're
sitting there and the supporter is five metres away, and you're too
scared to look backwards?''

Bleiberg regularly returns to Israel to catch up with
school friends, navy friends. He doesn't advertise the fact he's a
football coach, because many of them are high achievers in more serious
pursuits. He loves going back to Haifa, but as of next year he will have
spent as much time in Australia as Israel, so it's Australia that is
now his real home. World Cup final, Australia versus Israel?
''Australia,'' he replies. ''I feel attached. I don't even know the
line-up of Israel any more.''

Bleiberg has been good for football here, and Australia
has been good to him. When he leaves the 26th floor of his Main Beach
apartment every morning, he could take the short cut to training down
the highway, or take the slow way along the esplanade to Broadbeach. He
always takes the coast road. ''It reminds me why I love this country so
much,'' he says.

Bleiberg doesn't need football for a living - his floor
covering business and property development have made him wealthy. He
coaches because he loves it, and it's what he does best. Bleiberg is
quick to acknowledge ''life is good''. Asked if he's the most relaxed
coach in world football, he responds: ''I'm probably in the top 5 per
cent.'' But don't think he's getting soft in his old age. On Boxing Day,
the win over one of his old clubs, Brisbane Roar, got Gold Coast off
the bottom. Tonight they face league leaders the Mariners in Gosford.

''I'm ambitious, I want to win. It hurt me that I'm
bottom of the ladder,'' he says. ''I like other coaches, but this week
I'm hating Graham Arnold. Next week, I'll give him all the respect he

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P.S. the only things I changed from how the article copied,
was to highlight the date, close up the spaces between paragraphs,
and remove the (ANTI)social media=twittering idiots, links.

Oh, it's also interesting that both Google Web and Images
offer NOTHING on their first pages of
and Villages being BURIED UNDER Sand OFTEN and
SUDDENLY (like overnight), but AGAIN, make Australia
'look like' a 'waterless, unlivable, dust plagued desert'. Rolling Eyes

But, Google Images DOES offer THIS:

SmartDust & Ubiquitious Computing
Last Updated: Saturday, 27-Jun-2009 22:35:48 PDT
Source: What 'Smart Dust' Could Do for You Zillah Bahar, June 2001.

The Generations of Smart Dust Motes
As created by the Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center
Click images to enlarge

Golem Dust

solar powered mote with bi-directional communications and sensing
(acceleration and ambient light) 11.7 mm3 total circumscribed volume
~4.8 mm3 total displaced volume

Last Update Saturday December 31, 2011 09:19:07 AM

Additional Press Releases

You see, IF The Evil Lying "they" actually believed that "their" 'power' was secure,
"they" wouldn't have to bully, drown out, threaten, rob, attack and kill those who
CHOOSE NOT to follow
"them" and bow to worship "their" BEAST/lord.

But "they" KNOW "their" kingdom age IS CRUMBLING and ARE DESPERATE
to clag it together with THE BLOOD of THE LOVERS of JUSTICE, TRUTH and LIFE.

It is an insanely grave error on "their" part.

The sifting and sorting is well under way.

It has been for thousands of years.

Around a decade ago,
made a complaint to VICPOL, about VICPOL NOT ACTING ON
a complaint against neighbours who

It led to a meeting in my home with a top officer
who tried to talk me into JOINING VICPOL.

I declined.

Some years later, the complaining "ex" officer's daughter,
had one of his old friends, convicted of sexually abusing her
when she was a child, when often left in the friend's company.

He died "of a heart attack" before he was sentenced.

Now anyone scanning David Icke Official Forums and/or
"tintin's" thread, must admit that "they" DON'T promote
THE MILK of HumanE KINDNESS, but The LIE that,
"there's no escape from 'The Matrix'=MAJORITY CONsensus
'TPTB'", who "They" also PROMOTE "as untouchable"
CHILD SEX TRADERS, on Mega Threads
such as "tintin's/ms hope's", TNBTN, COMMON PURPOSE,
Madaline McCANN etc.

Yet, "they" lay the blame FOR WHAT "THEY" PROMOTE,
at the usual suspects, like Catholic Priests, other churches,
oh and "BRITISH" Royals.

While somehow letting DUTCH ROYALS off the hook, despite
The British Royals, who "must bow to QUEEN BEE", of one of
"secularism" DOWN THE WORLD'S THROAT through "their"
Leftist/Green/Gay ANIMAL WOmen RIGHTS
"democracy"=LOWEST common denominator, PUSHERS,
and DEMANDING INtolerence of ALL who SEEK to KNOW
and LIVE by The Creator God's Living Word.

And it's rather telling, that women who do want to marry a man,
and raise a Christian Family, DON'T get their right to do so,
demanded by the Secular, Leftist, Gay, Green "SisterHOOD" of
'powerful' and well funded yet LITTLE or NO TALENT (but for
NETworking), WOmen, such as the OVERTLY ANTI-BREEDERS,
OVERTLY BAD 'mothers' WITHOUT an once of The Milk of
HumanE Kindness, but who 'do well' FOR THEMSELVES,
like other 'mothers' who suddenly 'get lucky' after producing and
supplying, more 'fresh meat'.

But, here's THE Thing: those who do pay attention to
The Signs of The Season that God told us to watch for,
KNOW, "their" Season, IS COMING TO AN END, and
there WILL BE, TOTAL INTOLERANCE for those who
practice and demand tolerance of INTOLERABLE INJUSTICE.
true lilly

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Re: Cyber Bullying of David Icke

Post  Billy Ruben on Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:22 am

Ciggy wrote:
Droike wrote:From what i learned Mr anti-establishment is forever running to the police with complaints as are the rest of his family. Don't forget it was his old dear that grassed him up for child abuse twice. Handbag puts that down to her being illuminati or Illuminati mind controlled. He sued his old dear in court even though he says she was mind controlled. After her death he got a slicker provided by a fellow woo to get her accusations about him struck from the record on the grounds she was mad. He still had restrictions place on him with regards to kids though as the courts know hes mad as a hatter. They spend shit loads of their time informing on eachother and others to the police and other authorities.

He even admits on his forum that he is a police informer.

The only thing he could ever inform to the police is what a nutter of an ODO he is.

when you're a section32,doesn't matter how many times you inform,they don't listen.Even when it's on fire,in front of you.
I tried informing on True Lilly to mental health authorites.Didn't work,as usual.Now I'm paranoid,they're coming for me.Back to hiding in the cupboard again.

Billy Ruben

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Icke's a bully without a doubt

Post  Slimey_Demon on Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:49 am

Icke doesn't know shit about 9/11—Here's the good stuff


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Re: Cyber Bullying of David Icke

Post  sharky on Mon Sep 17, 2012 7:50 am

Slimey_Demon wrote:Icke doesn't know shit about 9/11—Here's the good stuff

ur absolutely correct..........icke is a shit eating bufoon....great site..........i highly recommend it...... thumbs up

welcome aboard shipmate, unless you're a new age neo nazi, then............ rolling pin

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Fun facebook page dedicated to taking the piss out of David Icke

Post  Slimey_Demon on Sat Oct 27, 2012 5:56 am

Fun facebook page dedicated to taking the piss out of David Icke


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Re: Cyber Bullying of David Icke

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