Airborne Cancers and things

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Airborne Cancers and things

Post  Billy Ruben on Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:04 am

...I was at the tobacconist,and there's been a change of staff,but one original cashier is still there.But have'nt seen her in a while.She had an aneurysm removed and then they found cancer in the throat,I was dumb struck,shaking,with two packs of ciggies in the hand,she touches my hand,"no,it's not smoking related,it's the virus that gives you cervical cancer,it's airborne"...I was dumstruck.
...There was this shonky spraypainter down from the hospital burn-offs,chimney.On bad days,he showed me,silicon setting in the final paint.
Airborne cancer and silicon in paint.That hospital also disposes and uses radioactive isotopes,it'd be strange to find,that a place of medical help and emergency in the community,at the same time,engineers the sickness in the community,there is alot of cancer per capita of people.
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Re: Airborne Cancers and things

Post  Billy Ruben on Sun Jul 24, 2011 3:29 am

wow,thought provoking's a good conspiracy theory,bit ominous,dark and spooky.Bit scared being the only one to notice it.Felt like I might get killed off.And no-one else notices this,hmmmm,that's not good.Ugly spaceman milks your sperm,that's more relevant than the hospital down the street,polluting and irradiating passers-by.The crematorium,burning waste producing airborn cancers,cervix cancer that attacks your throat...No?!?!?!?!?!?!....I'll watch the sports on TV....
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Re: Airborne Cancers and things

Post  true lilly on Mon Jul 25, 2011 1:36 am

AIR 'born' Cancers and Things...
Billy Ruben

True Lilly...I want an apology
by Billy Ruben

But, 'You' Mob WANT!!! Everything,
that is NOT 'yours' to DEMAND or TAKE



"The topic or post you requested does not exist"...because,
the last PAGES of the second thread, were CHOCK FULL
of 'Billy Ruben & Ciggy'
Billy Ruben

'discussing' the 'lighter, 'kinder' side' of

Sweet success:
Cadel Evans holds his bike aloft
after winning Le Tour Photo: AP

“Cadel’s victory symbolises the globalisation of cycling,”
he said.
“He’s the first Australian winner,
the first winner from the southern hemisphere,
he’s someone who started off as a mountain biker.
It shows the diversity of our sport.”

Evans is a popular champion who,
at the age of 34, is the third oldest winner
of the Tour.

O 'Amber Alert'?

...2 2....3 3... ... that why,
Team Tintin FLOOD OVER Posts of "TODAY'S NEWS"
and wait until The NEWS becomes OLD enough to
twist, ram and jam 'their' SELECTED Letters & Numbers in,
to 'present' 'themselves' as 'the winners' AGAINST GOD and
...and AGAIN, this NEWS IS FULL of
...but it does NOT SERVE
, as with so many other,
GLOBAL 'Events' like THE BOMBING of CYPRUS, Followed By
TWO DUTCH RADIO TOWERS "catching fire & falling down"
Rolling Eyes

...and speaking of,
Team Tintin's NEED to post "THE OLD'S" in "TODAY'S NEWS"
(well 'they' can't get banned; The Rule of these sites IS,
look how much trouble 'they' went to, to excuse posting this,

true lilly wrote:Oh, and watch out when 'they' call up,
new and not regular 'names' to feed CODE
through 'their' KEY TERRORIST thread
at Key Terrorist Forums, like "tintin's" on David Icke's...

...and psst, 'they' don't want you to look into,
ringy's Profile... ... tongue Wink

ringy wrote:ringy
25-07-2011, 04:52 AM #29739

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Originally Posted by tintin

KIRK DOUGLAS was married to DIANA DILL. (DD = 44)
ABB was born on day 44.

Zurich company

Hi tintin,

Did you see the Donald Rumsfeld link on wiki?

ABB and North Korea

Rumsfeld sat on ABB's board from 1990 to 2001. ABB—based in Zürich,
Switzerland—is a European engineering giant formed through the merger
between ASEA of Sweden and Brown Boveri of Switzerland. In 2000 this
company sold two light-water nuclear reactors to KEDO for installation
in North Korea, as part of the 1994 agreed framework reached under
President Bill Clinton.

The sale of the nuclear technology was a high-profile contract. ABB's
then chief executive, Göran Lindahl, visited North Korea in November
1999 to announce ABB's "wide-ranging, long-term cooperation agreement"
with the communist government. Rumsfeld's office said that the Secretary
of Defense did not "recall it being brought before the board at any
time." But ABB spokesman Björn Edlund told Fortune that "board members
were informed about this project."

And this from

ABB announces proposed Board, share split

Proposals to be made to March 20 annual general meeting of shareholders
Zurich, Switzerland, February 19, 2001 – ABB today said the Board of
Directors will propose changes in its membership at the annual general
meeting of shareholders on March 20, as well as a share split to improve
the liquidity of ABB’s shares.

The company said that Donald Rumsfeld has resigned his membership on the
Board as a result of his recent appointment as U.S. Secretary of
Defense. In addition, Göran Lindahl and Peter Sutherland have both
decided not to stand for re-election.

...I've left it, as copied; 'READ' CAREFULLY! ...

...well, I had, until 'they' HACKED IT ILLEGIBLE
Rolling Eyes
true lilly

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Re: Airborne Cancers and things

Post  Billy Ruben on Mon Jul 25, 2011 1:54 pm


[quote="true lilly"]But, 'You' Mob WANT!!! Everything,
that is NOT 'yours' to DEMAND or TAKE



"The topic or post you requested does not exist"...because,
the last PAGES of the second thread, were CHOCK FULL
of 'Billy Ruben & Ciggy' 'discussing' the 'lighter, 'kinder' side' of


Righto bitch,
I clicked that link that you left where you say we discussed incestuous

by your own lips,you admit we filled it with "Insane Dribble",not hot and sweaty with minors or relatives.You,toe-rag,you are unfairly labelling Ciggy and myself as child molesters,just because,you got a little unwarrented spam or uncomfortable questions trying to establish truth to your story.You woman,I can see why she gets bashed and her car set bitter,lying,crepid,nasty old bitch.
...Your level of insanity knows no bounds,think!!!,you want to waltz back in on a forum of a man,whom you say,is connected to the people trying to kill you,that David Icke is a child molester,he's part of a CONspiracy Industry,that lies,cheats,kills and destroys any of Gods chosen loonies,that all mental institutions should feel culpable in setting lose,such a well documented example of madness in the history of the Internet.


I'm gonna hire cub scouts to do dirty deeds for hire against you,but once they learn it's you we are plotting against,there will be no need for bribes of milk and'll be for free.

Billy Ruben

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Re: Airborne Cancers and things

Post  Billy Ruben on Tue Feb 14, 2012 5:57 pm

Billy Ruben wrote:
Fujita wrote:recipes, right, hopefully that's all she's sharing

we need antibiotics stat

I did a chick last year, no protection & she said she'd been with multiples of ten.

damn prolly like 10x10

then this hooker with hep c kissed my burned forehead

I'm fucked, time to spread it around I guess

You can't catch it from a kiss,Hep A and B,yes,but not the life threatening/shortening C and it's variants.It's blood borne,not as easy to catch through sex,unless you masturbate and break the skin,but mainly through the transmission of dirty needles.Unlike aids,it can last up to 45 days outside the body,in a dirty needle,knife,surgery and tattooing implements.

You have'nt got it,unless you screwed up along one of those lines.

You can live up to 20-40 years more depending how you manage your health and for a lucky few,the treatment programmes can actually remove and cure certain strains.

HIV/AIDS virus is what still scares the hell out of me.Another laboratory made contagion designed to reduce the population of third world countries for its resources.

They're talking about racially tailor made ebola and air-borne HIV these days.I made a thread at Sodlike discussing air-borne cancers,the cervix cancer lodging in peoples throats.Stuff like that.Hospitals also emit radioactivity through X-rays and isotopes in cancer treatment.That's the stuff you should be wary of.

Enjoy your prostitutes there Fujita,just be careful,that's all...

Billy Ruben

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Re: Airborne Cancers and things

Post  daddlepoms on Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:37 pm

fart in the wind & they'll catch the drift

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Re: Airborne Cancers and things

Post  Billy Ruben on Tue Feb 14, 2012 9:36 pm

K-Federino wrote:fart in the wind & they'll catch the drift

You're about as effective as a fart in a tornado,mate...

dizzy wacky catfight
Billy Ruben

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Re: Airborne Cancers and things

Post  true lilly on Thu Feb 16, 2012 6:51 pm

Epic Failures.

EVERYONE who believes continuing to attack me,
helps their deadly, lying, Satanic agenda.

Putting aside 'the Jewish issue' for a moment,
and Understanding that

Green/Brown Shirt Germany (Nazis)
Eugenics/Medical Torture/Experiments

helps a lot in Understanding WHY
'the investigation' into Craig Thompson
has taken so much longer than
WHY 'they' have already stated that 'they'
WHY 'Billy Ruben' feels such a great
NEED to attack me with bald faced lies,
in 'his' vain attempt to DEFEND 'those'
'HEALTH' Workers and MEDICAL Professionals:

The probe into Craig Thomson is taking a while.
HWT Image Library

A bit too heavy to ponder?
How about a chuckle at 'Ciggy's' bald faced lies:

Flannery Centre washed out
Andrew Bolt – Friday, February 17, 12 (06:05 am)

Poetry. Construction of the Flannery Centre, named after the Chief Climate Commissioner who predicted ”the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and river systems” in a permanently drier ”new climate”, has been again delayed. By rain.

If the sceptics’ conspiracy was real, why fake the evidence?
Andrew Bolt – Friday, February 17, 12 (12:05 am)

The problem with the
great international conspiracy of climate sceptics is that it’s so small
and innocent that a disappointed warmist who steals documents from the
Heartland Institute finds they must fake the main one to get media attention.

Sounds a bit like their tree-ring research.


Yes, says JoNova, let’s

please look at who’s funding who in the climate zoo.

Fear of Rinehart is the Left’s fear of debate.
UPDATE: but if a warmist boss gets a paper…

183 Comments | Permalink
Andrew Bolt Blog
Andrew Bolt
Friday, February 03, 2012 at 09:51am

Ian Hanke mocks the hysteria of the Left over Gina Rinehart’s purchase of Fairfax shares -
a hysteria illustrating the maxim that while conservatives think their
opponents are merely wrong, the Left think theirs are evil:

<blockquote>The mining magnate, Australia’s richest person,
appears to be someone whose mere name spreads alarm throughout the left.
Among the cadres of sometimes complacent and compliant journalists, she
is deemed to be a right-wing ogre.

It seems that by taking a substantial shareholding in Fairfax Media
(which owns this newspaper as well as The Sydney Morning Herald and The
Australian Financial Review), this one person is going to tear down
society - and the media will be a tool, putty in her hands, to do just

Rinehart’s views, according to people who don’t know her, are on the
‘’far right of the political spectrum’’, as academic and former Greens
candidate Clive Hamilton told readers of this page yesterday. Rinehart
has been vilified because she appears not to share the left’s concerns
about climate change and because she is advocating turning the north of
Australia into a special economic zone with tax breaks.

Nothing new in that; it has been advocated for years.

Apparently she knows the businessman Hugh Morgan, who was instrumental
in setting up the H. R. Nicholls Society, which advocates workplace
relations reform. And Morgan, we are told, is also close to the - shock,
horror - Institute of Public Affairs, which supports liberalism and a
free market.

It is clear Rinehart must be a fiend, albeit via association....

In 2010 she bought a substantial stake in Channel Ten. It is alleged,
without much evidence, she was responsible for The Bolt Report, the show
hosted by controversial columnist Andrew Bolt - and, of course, Bolt is
anathema to the left because he refuses to bow to their orthodoxy.

Yet let us just say, for the sake of argument, that Rinehart was indeed
responsible for the commissioning of The Bolt Report. That program, with
its ‘’unorthodox view’’, consistently out-rates Ten’s more traditional
Meet the Press. People seem to like watching The Bolt Report, where
alternative views are given an airing. Can’t have that, can we?…

Yet some on the left seem to believe her views should preclude Rinehart
from sitting on the Fairfax board… What is wrong with a person with an
alternative view of the world to that of the self-appointed guardians of
the media sitting on the board of a media company?

The more that Age journalists particularly rail against
Rinehart, the more they advertise their paper’s most fatal weakness - a
fierce hostility to the airing of ideas other than their
unrepresentative own. Journalistically, that’s a crime. Commercially
it’s a disaster for two reasons. First, papers are far livelier if they
provoke and are open to debates. Second, papers which circulate heavily
in Liberal-voting electorates should not present an almost exclusive
diet of the Left talking to the Left.

But here I am, suggesting ways to save Fairfax newspapers, which compete with my employer’s. I should shut up and let them die…


Catallaxy Files is right

. This piece of satire by Rowan Dean is excellent:
Acting Greens leader Christine Milne was quick to express her dismay.
“This is a national scandal,” she said. “If you have a couple of people
using newspapers as a mouthpiece, that is a real problem.

“For years, we in the Greens have had a total monopoly on all discussion
about climate change and the long-overdue, successful and hugely
popular implementation of the much-loved carbon tax, which is going to
solve the global problem of an overheating planet that we daily see all
around us destroying the lives of millions of people and obliterating
entire species as massively populated islands disappear beneath the
waves before our very eyes. The last thing a democratic, vibrant and
free press needs is someone who disagrees with us.”


A particularly vicious, misleading and sexist photo montage on the Sydney Morning Herald website - comparing Rinehart to Victoria Beckham, and falsely insinuating Rinehart thought herself such a clotheshorse, too - has been replaced.
It’s astonishing what some people feel entitled to do to others in the
name of virtue. Luckily someone at the paper still has some standards.


Meanwhie another super-rich boss with strong political views gets himself a media asset - yet this time it’s to general applause of the Fairfax media:

<blockquote>Graeme Wood, who shot to national fame and incredible wealth with the
2006 listing of his Web 2.0 hotel booking site in 2006, ... is
currently funding (a) new journalistic enterprise, The Global Mail.
The Global Mail will be headed by well-known journalist Monica Attard
and has recently unveiled a team of senior journalists who will be
reporting on a range of local and global issues through the
organisation’s website.

That is Wood, as in the global warming alarmist who made the single biggest individual political donation in Australian history - to the Greens. A cool $1.6 million.

Now he’s got former ABC Media Watch host Monica Attard to help assemble a like-minded cabal of journalists of the Left,
with not a single known conservative among them. There’s Ellen Fanning,
for instance, Mike Bowers, Stephen Crittenden, Mike Seccombe and more -
none likely to buck the Wood view of the world, which this publication
will almost certainly promote.

And this is branded on the website - no kidding - as “Independent
Journalism for Independent Minds”. Do these wordsmiths even understand
the meaning of the word “independent”?

That Wood should be able to stock such a publication with so many
willing journalists from the ABC and Fairfax says so much about the
leaning of those two media organisations, and what the real objection to
Rinehart is.

Warming sceptic wants a newspaper: evil and to be fought. Warming
alarmist wants a newspaper: terrific, and where do we sign up?

(Thanks to reader Watty.)

Boat people offered as much in free goodies as they paid to come
Andrew Bolt – Friday, February 17, 12 (07:07 am)

So a people smuggler goes to, say Quetta or some other city in Pakistan,
and shows a bunch of young guys this news item about a land of free
electronics and houses grander than their own:

machines, microwave ovens, DVDs and plasma TVs are among a 60-item
welcome gift pack for asylum seekers offered rent-free homes in the

To fulfil a promise to move an influx of families out of detention, the
Gillard Government is now fitting out each home with up to $10,000 worth
of furnishings and electronics.

They are given food hampers upon arrival at rented homes where they wait for their claims to be processed…

Everything from beds, fridges, mattresses and lounges to an alarm clock
radio, clothes hangers and containers for biscuits are being bought in a
“household goods formation package” that contains more than 60 items.

It includes a television at a minimum size of 53cm.

An average family of five is eligible for $7100 worth of goods, while
larger families of more than nine people can be provided with up to
$9850 in furnishings, the Opposition has revealed after Senate estimates
this week.

Special consideration is given to providing computers, internet access,
mobile phones, bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, iPods, games consoles
and sewing machines.

So that people smuggler makes an offer. Pay me $10,000,
and I can get you to Australia where you’ll be given almost as much in
electronic goods - plus welfare for life, or the chance to earn more
money in a year than you’ll earn here in a decade. Once in, you can
sponsor the rest of your family to come over legally.

Now, guess what happens next?

(Thanks to readers The Great Waisuli, Adrian and sayer.)


NSW government didn't lie on uranium - Hartcher
15-2-2012, I also told you all years ago,
that this was coming,
and as I, an unconnected nobody could see,
'the writing on the wall',
it tells you all a lot, about those who thought it,
'important', to attack me, rather than WATCH
those 'doing the writing',
all over The World Wide Web Net of Deception,
that God WARNED us of,
true lilly

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Re: Airborne Cancers and things

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