The Sick Mind & Degenerate Mentality of Eternalspirit-aka-Positive Forward

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Re: The Sick Mind & Degenerate Mentality of Eternalspirit-aka-Positive Forward

Post  sharky on Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:04 pm

Ahoy!! momo, 'snoopi' around I found another NeaFrea link/Post 'naming' ALL the JIDFHASBARAZIONIStTALMUDICSHILLZ..........wot a fuktard.......davy icke fanboy..thinkz ALL the modz are in on a global forum wide conspiracy...thiz asshat reads like eternal spirit/positive forward.......he rattlez off a long list then you git special

David Icke FORUM controlled by PC NWO s h i l l s – READ VIDEO DESCRIPTION !!!

NeaFrea says:

scared scared scared
SHILLS and SOCK PUPPETS on DIF -> snoopsnuffleopagus
no 1 “gentile/goy”-hater, ferociously hating Germans, praising his bloodthirsty revenge god all over the net since years, now one of the protagonists on DIF with more than 3.000 comments.

Further description -> like boots, mickey mickey, dogsmilk ….

His motto:

“All things Bright & Beautiful

All Creatures Great & Small

All things Wise & Wonderful

Father Yahweh made them all x Infinty”

rolling pin rolling pin

HYPER PC NWO SHILLS / MODS / SOCK PUPPETS who control David Icke FORUM and suppress free speech will be exposed HERE IN THE COMMENTS – one after the other. I have done research for many months now and had to come to this conclusion. I don’t like it but it is the truth. Contribute if you realise this problem, too, and stay tuned!

rolling pin rolling pin rolling pin rolling pin

mods are shills and shills are mods …. ???
definitely most of those leftist antifa anarchist communist marxist zionist satanist nwo minions never read a single book by David Icke – they ABUSE him and his forum for manipulating and indoctrinating the brains of those good-natured users and readers who are yet unable to differentiate between friend and foe!!!

Does David Icke know or doesn’t he?

Go to “show all comments” to see all exposed SHILLS of DIF

Just came across these very interesting videos.
DI speaks on forums, blogs and his own forum where exactly this kind of ABUSE OF POWER is committed by mainstream “establishment” shills/sock puppets/mods!!!

NeaFreas Shill list lmao rolf lol! dif tardz

October 25, 2010 at 1:32 am

SHILLS and SOCK PUPPETS on DIF -> radio illuminati

another truth hater and defender of the global deception.
chief activity: spreading lies and mainstream “evidence” to back them.
just another sock puppet of the full-time shills with almost 5.000 comments.

SHILL MODS on DIF -> ex sheep

Dumb and Dumber in personal union.
Leftist, communist lover, protector of zio shills and crowley-worshippers.

SHILLS on DIF -> the_gent


SHILL MODS on DIF -> drhemp

extreme leftist, communist, zionists and crowley lovers lover

SHILLS on DIF -> void




moving finger



Another CROWLEY …

Another CROWLEY worshipper on DIF -> marpat

almost 11.000 !!! comments








neafrea says:

October 25, 2010 at 1:32 am


lilith light

SHILLS and SOCK PUPPETS on DIF -> dogsmilk

another no 1 truth hater besides his buddies boots and mickey mickey; nearly 4.000 comments, only spreading mainstream drivel, defamation, lies and insults, if he is not supporting zionist nwo agenda and exuding antigermanic hate speech. His job is also to distract sheeple from current atrocities and the real criminals.

He, as well, got the LICENCE to spam, lie, distort, insult and incessantly spread pc mainstream propaganda to hide the truth.

SHILLS on DIF -> mikey mikey

no 2 truth hater, nearly 7.000 comments, mainly spreading nwo propaganda, apologist of zionist atrocities with obvious antigermanic attitude like his before mentioned buddy “boots”; tries in vain to hide it behind platitudinous, shammed affection.

He also got the LICENCE to spam, lie, distort, insult and incessantly drivel pc mainstream to hide the truth.

Sweet Jesus Christ-like avatar, which does not match his hate speech, prefiguration of a crypto

SHILLS on DIF – > boots

no 1 truth hater, nearly 8.000 comments, mostly spreading nwo propaganda as “proof” and “evidence”, while denying and distorting every argument that opposes his crude, totally nwo compatible world view;

raging apologist of zionist atrocities with a ferociously antigermanic attitude;

obviously got the LICENCE to spam, lie, insult as much as he wants;

recently changed his disgusting avatar and now has the picture of a beautiful blond woman

ALEISTER CROWLEY lovers on David Icke Forum


nu666respect is …
nu666respect is also a shill…

Today no shills or satanists will be exposed but PC MAINSTREAM NWO ORGANIZATIONS for which the SHILLS are working on David Icke Forum and ALL truth reveiling non-pc forums – - - – - – > skepdic. com – - - – - > ukskeptics. com – - – - – > publiceye. org – - – - – > saisathyasai. com – - – - – > indymedia. org – - – - – > thejidf. org – - – - – > h-ref. de – - – - – - - –  to mention only some of them ….

yo!!!!! neafrea........yer boyfriendz haz injected so much semen into your caboose itz comin' out yer

butt butt butt butt dif tard

looks like eternal spirit/positive forward to meez too momo....

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Re: The Sick Mind & Degenerate Mentality of Eternalspirit-aka-Positive Forward

Post  MoMo on Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:14 pm

Icketillian Fuktard supreme eternal spirit/positive forward haz an IQ of about 80 so he haz difficulty discerning truth from fiction..hiz concept of research is to smoke a joint and watch a u-tube video or peruse new age neo nazi websites and takes on any bullshit without testing it, then dissemblez it to the fuktarded denizenz of DIFtardia...........hiz latest bullshit iz to attribute a false quote.only found on psuedorevisionist neo nazi I said.thiz fuktard iz tireless in hiz pursuit of bullshit............hiz thread iz titked: Churchill the traitor....thiz from a layabout drug addict........ thumbs up ......

posted by positively a fuktard: About Churchill

"As the blinkers of war were removed," John Charmley writes, "Churchill began to perceive the magnitude of the mistake which had been made." Churchill is alleged to have blurted out after finally realizing the scale of his blunder: "We have slaughtered the wrong pig!" Seems he may have been referring to Communism as the other pig.

Churchill and the Imaginary Pig

The Internet is full of articles by Third Reich revisionists in which Churchill is misquoted as saying: “We slaughtered the wrong pig.” That’s revisionist wishful thinking. He could never have said that, since there is no such idiom in English. He would have had to say, “We fought the wrong enemy.” Variations on English revisionist websites are “We have slaughtered the wrong pig” or “We killed the wrong pig.” These mis-quotations are translations of “Wir haben das falsche Schwein geschlachtet.” This non-quote is constantly being mouthed by the man on the street in the streets of Germany and Austria.

I looked for a source on the Internet, but the only one I found is on the illustrious revisionist National Journal Online, namely H. Sündermann: Old Foe What Now?, p. 55. I’m not taking Sünderman’s word for it, and I’m not taking the trouble of trudging to the National Library in Vienna to track that tome down.

Here is what Churchill did say concerning the two totalitarian ideologies: “I will not pretend that if I had to choose between communism and fascism, I would choose communism. I hope not to be called upon to survive in the world of a government of either of those dispensations.”

Churchill knew who Stalin was, but there was no alternative. Nazi Germany had to be quashed, and the population of the Soviet Union had to be saved from the conqueror, just as the population of Britain and Europe proper had to be saved from the murderous scourge of the Third Reich.


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