The Grrrls - (Girl Punk,Riot Grrrl,All Girl)

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Re: The Grrrls - (Girl Punk,Riot Grrrl,All Girl)

Post  Billy Ruben on Fri Jan 24, 2014 6:29 pm

Billy Ruben wrote:

Almost sound like The Velvet Underground,yeah,really getting off on The Frumpies today.Love my Grrrls.

I call this "The Melbourne Song".

I hate NSW and always loved Melbourne.When I was splitting up in 2010,I lied and said I was going to Tasmania,cause it's beautiful with Antarctic air to breathe,which

makes me feel energized and alive...always,I never have a low point when I'm that far south.

I bought a car from there,a real shitbox....and this song,I just looped it and drove for fourteen hours cruising along,stoned as.

Greatest feeling of freedom...driving state to state,no check-points,no papers needed.The best.

Happier alone with enough dollars to just drive anywhere,love it.
Billy Ruben

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