Why Alex Jones & David Icke give a piss about Michael Jackson

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Why Alex Jones & David Icke give a piss about Michael Jackson

Post  ninny on Fri Sep 16, 2011 5:20 pm

I regret not making tooobawoo @ DIF earlier.
The day i heard, David Icke attends on an Alex Jones show, i was shocked to the bone.
because i stopped listening to Alex exactly the day he ranted on MJ beeing a pedophile (without ever researching the real deal).




now compare to what DAVID does!


he promotes "WE are the WORLD" and at the same time attending the fearmonger AJ who calls MJ a pedophile
the reason he does this, because DI simply calls other people pedophiles, too.
and that fits the agenda (subliminally).

so ALEX JONES and DAVID ICKE can't stand the NWO:::

guess what, MJ doesnt, too.


So, does David feel sympathy with AJ?
Or is it simply the promotion and attention he gets with the AJ audience?

the reason i put this here is because its long overdue!!! The Exploitation needs to stop!!


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