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Ah, Timing...gotta love it...
AFTER "Billy Ruben" sent me yet another text threat,
- that's The "Billy Ruben" that also publicly boasts of
using Police and others to act corruptly for "him/them"
- this News gets posted in MSN:

Judges to face phone taps

Peter Rolfe
JUDGES, magistrates and vice-regal officers will be subject to phone
tapping surveillance and Royal Commission-like investigation.

Judges to face phone taps
by: Peter Rolfe
From: Sunday Herald Sun

December 04, 2011

JUDGES, magistrates and vice-regal officers will be subject to phone
tapping surveillance and Royal Commission-like investigation under
unprecedented new powers to be handed to Victoria's first Independent
Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission.

Members of the judiciary will also be compelled to give evidence,
have their premises searched, computers monitored and assets seized
under sweeping changes to Victorian law developed specifically for the
new corruption-busting watchdog.

Vice-regal figures, such as the governor, will also be subject to the tough
new coercive powers aimed at stamping out dishonest dealings and
unscrupulous behaviour in the public service.

It will be the first time

the judiciary has been subject to such scrutiny, opening the door for
the use of surveillance devices and telephone bugging equipment to observe,
listen to, track and monitor suspected corruption in the courtroom.

Law Institute of Victoria president Caroline Counsel said
the changes went too far, branding the move an "inappropriate leap".

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"There is no evidence of any sort of systematic corruption in Victoria
so you wonder are we in fact making a really big cannon to shoot a fly,"
she said.

"At the moment there is really nothing to justify this."

The Government will introduce the legislation in State Parliament this week.

Past judges could also come under scrutiny
with IBAC to be equipped with retrospective powers
to probe historic corruption allegations.

A senior government source said the hard-hitting changes were what
Victorians had voted for in the hope of flushing out state secrecy.

"This legislation is further proof of just how serious the Government is
about fighting corruption," he said.

The commission, and its yet-to-be appointed commissioner,
will be accountable to a new joint parliamentary committee
and an inspector hired to watch the watchdog.

A spokeswoman for Supreme Court chief justice Marilyn Warren,
Anne Stanford, declined to comment.

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