The Difference between Necromancy and Mediumism

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The Difference between Necromancy and Mediumism

Post  Lady Tis-Shine on Sat Dec 24, 2011 6:33 am

This is one subject which has been talked about in a very negative way, but I for one do not find that talking to our dearly departed loved as well as hated ones very negative, I see it as a huge help in many a way. Necromancy is something which has been used as a cuss-word to the mindless skeptic who would throw that word to anyone who has the spirituality of having the gift of Mediumship. No I do not believe what that skeptic called Beezart said in the HPNWO forum that humans who die are destined to just have their atoms floating about in space. That is negative and untrue talk which has kept mankind from actually bettering themselves, and I do not believe what religionists would say about speaking to the dead as Evil. Isn't praying to Jesus Christ and talking to him, a form of NECROMANCY itself?
Now, I will say that there is a vast difference between Necromancy and Mediumism and please listen to this. With Mediumism the spirits want to be contacted by yourself but with Necromancy in some extreme cases you are making contact with spirits who do not want to be contacted. So folks you can relax if you are going to contact your Aunt Mable for it will be a case of a nice spiritual mediumism, but if you are going to contact a spirit of someone you do not know but want to obtain infomation from then that is Necromancy. In many a Occult circles, necromancers are treated as the scum of this earth because they tend to contact Shades of spirits who have done no good in this life, but Mediums are thought of in occult circles to be the next in line to God Him or Herself. I know this from offline experience, but I will say that from the offline coven I am a regular member of which incidentally is run by a truly IMMORTAL MAN (that needs a new blog post but I will mention it some day) we pay homage to the dead ourselves. Me and my merry band of twelve people go to the Graveyard and we pay homage to the dead that DESERVE IT. We find out first of all what sort of life the man lived (sexist as it may sound, the soul/shade has to be male), was he wealthy, was he happy in life, etc. After finding out all this knowledge we go to the graveyard and lay flowers on his grave and sing songs to his soul, so that after he has helped one of us in our personal endevours, we would then pray that he goes into the Spiritual Realm to be re-united with his dead loved ones and that his soul would have the enjoyment of wealth, like he had in his last Earthly existance. That is a basic source of Necromancy, which I hope has been useful for you to read about and anyway, this is not like Mediumism which means that the spirits will contact you only when they feel like it. Think about it.
The most basic way to contact the dead person you want to, is just get an item of clothing or maybe a basic photgraph of the dead person and medidate on that. You will get the answers you are looking for in your personal dreams, and what I will say right now is that alot of Spiritualists use this for many a reason, not for buried treasures in the past which was basically the work of the Elemental Earth spirits called the Gnomes. The spirits are used for purposes of Unfinished business, missing persons, sometimes business, love and life problems and the list is endless. And what I use to contact them myself is by using my tried and trusty Ouija Board as well as my Clear Quartz pendulum.
Anyway I have stated what I have said and there is much much more on this subject which will be of great interest to the reader.
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