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Babel Island

Post  true lilly on Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:21 am

Babel Island is a granite island, with an area of 440 ha
located off the east coast of Flinders Island.

It is part of the Furneaux Group Archipelago,
at the eastern end of Bass Strait,
between Victoria and Tasmania, Australia.

It is privately owned.

Babel island is home to the largest colony of

Short-tailed Shearwaters
in the world,
with an estimated 2.8 million pairs,
or about 12% of the
whole population of this species,
and is subject to annual muttonbirding.

Mighty Ducks

Though Giglio means "lily" in Italian, the island's name is derived from Aegilium,
"Goat Island", a Latin transliteration of the Greek word for "little goat" (Aigýllion).

Mainly mountainous, it consists almost entirely of granites.

My beloved 1730 [is] mine, and I [am] his:
he feedeth 7462 among the lilies 7799.

[[To the chief Musician 5329
upon Shoshannim 7799,
for the sons 1121 of Korah 7141, Maschil 4905 ,
A Song 7892 of loves 3039.]]

My heart 3820 is inditing 7370 a good 2896 matter 1697:
I speak 559 of the things which I have made 4639
touching the king 4428:
my tongue 3956 [is] the pen 5842 of a ready 4106 writer 5608 .
Psalms 45:1-17

To the director upon The Lilies.
Of the sons of Ko´rah. Mas´kil.
A song of the beloved women.

My heart has become astir with a goodly matter.
I am saying: “My works are concerning a king.”
May my tongue be the stylus of a skilled copyist.

You are indeed more handsome than the sons of men.
Charm has been poured out upon your lips.
That is why God has blessed you to time indefinite.

Gird your sword upon [your] thigh, O mighty one,
[With] your dignity and your splendor.

And in your splendor go on to success;
Ride in the cause of truth and humility [and] righteousness,
And your right hand will instruct you in fear-inspiring things.

Your arrows are sharp—under you peoples keep falling—
In the heart of the enemies of the king.

God is your throne to time indefinite, even forever;
The scepter of your kingship is a scepter of uprightness.

You have loved righteousness and you hate wickedness.
That is why God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of exultation
more than your partners.

All your garments are myrrh and aloeswood [and] cassia;
Out from the grand ivory palace stringed instruments themselves
have made you rejoice.

The daughters of kings are among your precious women.
The queenly consort has taken her stand at your right hand in gold of O´phir.

Listen, O daughter, and see, and incline your ear;
And forget your people and your father’s house.

And the king will long for your prettiness,
For he is your lord,
So bow down to him.

The daughter of Tyre also with a gift—
The rich ones of the people will soften your own face.

The king’s daughter is all glorious within [the house];
Her clothing is with settings of gold.

In woven apparel she will be brought to the king.
The virgins in her train as her companions are being brought in to you.

They will be brought with rejoicing and joyfulness;
They will enter into the palace of the king.

In place of your forefathers there will come to be your sons,
Whom you will appoint as princes in all the earth.

I will make mention of your name throughout all generations to come.
That is why peoples themselves will laud you to time indefinite, even forever.

[[To the chief Musician 5329
upon Shoshannim 7799,
[A Psalm] of David 1732.]]
Psalms 69:1-36

To the director on The Lilies. Of David.

Save me, O God, for the waters have come clear to the soul.

I have sunk down in deep mire, where there is no standing ground.
I have come into profound waters,
And a flowing stream itself has washed me away.

I have become tired by my calling out;
My throat has become hoarse.
My eyes have failed while waiting for my God.

Those hating me without a cause have become even more than the hairs of my head.
Those bringing me to silence, being my enemies for no reason, have become numerous.
What I had not taken by robbery I then proceeded to give back.

O God, you yourself have come to know my foolishness,
And from you my own guiltiness has not been hidden.

O may those hoping in you not be ashamed because of me,
O Sovereign Lord, Jehovah of armies.
O may those seeking you not be humiliated because of me,
O God of Israel.

For on your account I have borne reproach,
Humiliation has covered my face.

I have become one estranged to my brothers,
And a foreigner to the sons of my mother.

For sheer zeal for your house has eaten me up,
And the very reproaches of those reproaching you have fallen upon me.

And I proceeded to weep with the fasting of my soul,
But it came to be for reproaches to me.

When I made sackcloth my clothing,
Then I became to them a proverbial saying.

Those sitting in the gate began concerning themselves about me,
And [I was] the subject of the songs of drinkers of intoxicating liquor.

But as for me, my prayer was to you, O Jehovah,
At an acceptable time, O God.
In the abundance of your loving-kindness answer me with the truth of salvation by you.

Deliver me from the mire, that I may not sink down.
O may I be delivered from those hating me and from the deep waters.

O may not the flowing stream of waters wash me away,
Nor the depth swallow me up,
Nor the well close its mouth over me.

Answer me, O Jehovah, for your loving-kindness is good.
According to the multitude of your mercies turn to me,

And do not conceal your face from your servant.
Because I am in sore straits, answer me quickly.

Do come near to my soul, reclaim it;
On account of my enemies redeem me.

You yourself have come to know my reproach and my shame and my humiliation.
All those showing hostility to me are in front of you.

Reproach itself has broken my heart, and [the wound] is incurable.
And I kept hoping for someone to show sympathy, but there was none;
And for comforters, but I found none.

But for food they gave [me] a poisonous plant,
And for my thirst they tried to make me drink vinegar.

Let their table before them become a trap,
And what is for their welfare a snare.

Let their eyes become darkened so as not to see;
And cause their very hips to wobble constantly.

Pour out upon them your denunciation,
And may your own burning anger overtake them.

Let their walled camp become desolate;
In their tents may there come to be no dweller.

For the one whom you yourself have struck they have pursued,
And the pains of those pierced by you they keep recounting.

Do give error upon their error,
And may they not come into your righteousness.

Let them be wiped out of the book of the living ones,
And with the righteous ones may they not be written in.

But I am afflicted and aching.
May your own salvation, O God, protect me.

I will praise the name of God with song,
And I will magnify him with thanksgiving.

This will also be more pleasing to Jehovah than a bull,
Than a young bull displaying horns, splitting the hoof.

The meek ones will certainly see [it]; they will rejoice.
YOU who are seeking God, let YOUR heart also keep alive.

For Jehovah is listening to the poor ones,
And he will indeed not despise his very own prisoners.

Let heaven and earth praise him,
The seas and everything moving about in them.

For God himself will save Zion
And will build the cities of Judah;
And they will certainly dwell there and take possession of it.

And the offspring of his servants themselves will inherit it,
And those loving his name will be the ones to reside in it.

true lilly wrote:Another Sign to LOCATE Lands
Described in Holy Scripture...

NO ONE can simply walk up to
"quails" or "pheasants"
and collect more than they can eat,
but in ONE AREA on Earth they CAN, STILL,
gather the most tasty of birds...

Mutton Birds

Aboriginal people still harvest the mutton
birds. Our catch and sales are dependent
on the sustainability of the harvest. Mutton
birds are a delicacy to eat, with a rich oily
flavour unlike any other.

The short-tailed shearwater of Griffiths Island
(Puffinus tenuirostiris - Tasmanian Shearwater)
is commonly called the 'mutton bird'.

Given the name 'mutton bird'
by early settlers of Port Fairy
of its fatty flesh, the shearwater
was hunted as a food and oil source.

Today the shearwater
is totally protected in Victoria.

The journey, of about 15,000 km, passes
New Zealand and Japan
and is completed in only two months.

The return journey follows the coast of
North America to California,
then south-west across the Pacific.
Prevailing winds aid their flight for most of the journey
but on the final leg, from the central Pacific,
the birds battle across south-east winds

They return to their nesting grounds exhausted...

Ferley Gardner,
Tasmanian Aboriginal Elder...
...One of the highlights of her childhood was
when her family would pack up everything each year
and travel to Big Dog Island or Babel Island
for the mutton bird season.

And it came to pass, that at even 6153 the quails 7958 came up 5927,
and covered 3680 the camp 4264: and in the morning 1242 the dew 2919
lay 7902 round about 5439 the host 4264.

And there went forth 5265 a wind 7307 from the LORD 3068,
and brought 1468 quails 7958 from the sea 3220,
and let [them] fall 5203 by the camp 4264,

as it were a day's 3117 journey 1870 on this side 3541,
and as it were a day's 3117 journey 1870 on the other side 3541,
round about 5439 the camp 4264, and as it were two cubits 520 [high]
upon the face 6440 of the earth 776.

And the people 5971 stood up 6965 all that day 3117,
and all [that] night 3915, and all the next 4283 day 3117,
and they gathered 622 the quails
he that gathered least 4591 gathered 622 ten 6235 homers 2563:

and they spread 7849 [them] all abroad 7849
for themselves round about 5439 the camp 4264.

[The people] asked 7592, and he brought 935 quails 7958,
and satisfied 7646 them with the bread 3899 of heaven 8064.
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Re: Babel Island

Post  Billy Ruben on Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:40 am

true lilly wrote:

Though Giglio means "lily" in Italian, the island's name is derived from Aegilium,
"Goat Island", a Latin transliteration of the Greek word for "little goat" (Aigýllion).

Mainly mountainous, it consists almost entirely of granites.

Yes you are a little space cadet of a goat.That's why I used this picture describing you a few times.Lying,twisting sick little thing that you are.The war is on True Lilly and it will not end until I destroy the last vestiges of sanity you have.Not even the power of Gin will help.

You still owe me a bottle of bourbon too.

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Re: Babel Island

Post  true lilly on Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:03 am

NONE of this is 'news'.

For years I've WARNED of it, AGAINST all the 'experts',
and all the CONspiracy forum 'names', WHO STILL DEMAND
be 'bought'...with YOUR LIVES.

Thousands Flee Euro Crisis For New Life In Oz

8:46am UK, Friday January 13, 2012
Jonathan Samuels, Australia correspondent

Growing numbers of Europeans are fleeing the euro crisis for a new life in Australia.

In the wake of the global financial downturn and with the euro debt crisis still unfolding, many from Greece, Italy and Ireland are quitting their homeland and heading Down Under.

Figures from the Australian department of immigration show that it is the Irish who are especially keen to move south.

From 2009 to 2010, 1,280 Irish citizens were granted temporary
working visas. The following year it rose to 2,250 but in the last six
months alone the figure is already up to 3,100.

Australia has avoided the global financial crisis because of its huge
natural resources like coal and iron ore. Developing economies like
China are massive customers.

It is the strong economy that persuaded the Corbett family to move from their home in Cork to Sydney last May.

Valentina Grande: Life is good in Australia

Rory and Mary Corbett, along with their two young children, had
enjoyed a holiday to Australia and knew it was somewhere they could
happily live.

As skilled workers they have been sponsored by their new employers.

Mrs Corbett said: "Even though my husband had a job, I had a job, it
was getting to the stage where there was more money going out than there
was coming in.

"And with all the austerity cuts that were happening as well,
education funds were being cut right back, hospital funding was being
cut, so we were just looking at our kids and thinking what kind of a
future have you guys got in this country."

With a huge grin on her face, Valentina Grande is serving customers
in the sunshine at the Papa Giovanni Italian restaurant opposite
Sydney's famous Bondi beach.

In Australia on a working holiday visa, she told Sky News: "In Italy
there isn't work, there isn't money, but here you can find, very easily,
a job and get good money and good tips."

Last year just one of the restaurant's employees was from Italy - now
there are eight. Every week more Italians come through the doors
looking for a job.

They are mainly young, single and desperate for a positive start to
their working lives in a place they know they will be well paid.

"Life is good here," Ms Grande said, "I get paid weekly. In Italy I
was paid monthly so if the restaurant didn't make money, you could work
for a few weeks and find you don't get paid at the end. Life there is

Professor Stephen Castles from Sydney University is an expert in global migration.

He believes the influx of workers to Australia is welcome, especially
in sectors where recruitment is difficult, but creates worries for the
countries they are leaving.

"It is a huge loss," he said: "They are losing the people they will
need when the economy recovers, if the economy recovers, and there may
be global competition to attract those skills. Those counties might try
and attract their citizens back."

Even in Australia the outlook is not completely sunny. Australia
exports to Europe and the US, making it vulnerable to any serious drop
in Chinese and Indian demand for its minerals.

But for now it is seen by many refugees of the euro crisis as a place of opportunity and optimism.
Friday 13th Nightmare For The Eurozone

9:52am UK, Saturday January 14, 2012
Ed Conway, economics editor

You can say a lot of things about Standard & Poor's, but the one thing you cannot question is their sense of timing.

Last month, they could have chosen almost any day to warn that they
were placing the entire eurozone on watch for a possible downgrade; but
they elected to make the announcement just hours after Nicolas Sarkozy
and Angela Merkel used an emergency summit to promise to safeguard the

now they have chosen Friday the 13th to confirm that the majority of
those 15 nations put on negative watch have now been downgraded.

And, as if to twist the knife, it also emerged on Friday that talks
between Athens and private sector investors aimed at voluntarily
reducing the total amount of Greek debt had fallen through.

Investors may ignore the credit ratings

And, to top it all off, clearing house LCH Clearnet raised its margin
requirement for those using it to buy Italian debt from 8.15% to 8.3%.

It is not just the date that is ironic. Against all expectations, the
eurozone had been looking tentatively more healthy in the past few

The past seven days have seen successful debt auctions by two of the most troubled euro members - Spain and Italy.

The European Central Bank's emergency lending operations seemed to have calmed nerves significantly.

Now, it looks quite conceivable that eurozone policymakers will spend
the rest of the month firefighting the next round in the single
currency's crisis until they gather at the end of January for their
latest Brussels summit.

I understand that senior European financial officials were deep in a
key Brussels set of negotiations when they learnt - on their
blackberries - about the impending downgrades, and had to scramble to
come up with a strategy for downplaying the news.

Although it clearly has more of the wow factor, there is good reason
to suspect that the S&P downgrade (which includes France, Austria
and Italy, but not Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and Luxembourg,
which get to keep their AAA) will not be a hammer blow for the euro.

As I wrote when S&P
first announced that they were putting the euro area on creditwatch
negative, there are growing signs that investors are choosing to ignore
official credit ratings.

A downgrade could affect Mr Sarkozy's presidential campaign

To put it another way, the fact that France will be AA rather than
AAA is unlikely to change investors' minds when it comes to buying (or
selling) French debt.

Nonetheless, a French downgrade (and for that matter a downgrade of
other major euro members) will trigger a downgrade of the EFSF - the
continent-wide rescue fund which was supposed to bolster the currency.

Moreover, it represents a serious political blow for Nicolas Sarkozy as he fights for re-election this year.

Italy suffers a downgrade of two notches, as do Portugal and Spain,
implying that S&P is particularly worried about their capacity to
withstand the crisis.

And when you read the statement accompanying the decisions,
the explanation of why the downgrades have happened is damning, saying:
"Policy initiatives taken by European policymakers in recent weeks may
be insufficient to fully address ongoing systemic stresses in the

It's equally intriguing to examine the countries which were spared a downgrade.

Germany hangs onto its AAA crown, and has its outlook put back on a
stable footing - implying it is nowhere near being downgraded.

Berlin might reasonably ask why it was lumped in with the rest of the
currency zone when its circumstances (which haven't really changed over
the past month) don't merit it.

Thanks to its part as the poster boy of austerity, Ireland keeps its
rating unchanged, but, at BBB+ it was close to junk status as it was.

Finland, which historically has one of the world's best debt-payment
records, almost alone in not having defaulted in any way during or after
WWII, retains its AAA rating, but is put on "outlook negative", which
means it still has the sword of damocles hanging over it.

And as of Friday evening there were three euro members which are junk
bond issuers, which in technical terms means they have ratings of below
BBB and in normal-person terms means their debt is regarded as highly
at risk of default. Greece (CC) is joined in that club by Portugal (BB)
and Cyprus (BB+) - home to many UK nationals.

But it may well be the breakdown of the Greek talks that prove the more serious of today's stories.

If, as the statement from the Institute for International Finance
suggests, it will be impossible for the investors and the Greeks to
reduce the country's debt voluntarily, it means the country will have to
go through a messy default.

That implies a wave of stress spreading through the financial system -
precisely the eventuality European policymakers were trying desperately
to avoid through these negotiations.

Over the course of Friday, the cost of borrowing for the affected
euro members rose sharply, although it dropped for Germany, as well as
the UK - both of which will be among the few AAA countries remaining.

Either way, both of these pieces of news are deeply worrying for the single currency - and bring forward its moment of truth.

Can its leaders unite and create a proper political and fiscal union,
or does this mean the beginning of the end for the world's biggest ever
economic project?
“Arise, O woman, shed forth light, for your light has come
and upon you the very glory of Jehovah has shone forth.
For, look! darkness itself will cover the earth,
and thick gloom the national groups;
but upon you Jehovah will shine
forth, and upon you his own glory will be seen.
And nations will certainly go to your light,
and kings to the brightness of your shining forth.

“Raise your eyes all around and see!
They have allof them been collected together; they have come to you.
From far away your own sons keep coming,
and your daughters who will be taken care of on the flank.
At that time you will see and certainly become radiant,
and your heart will actually quiver and expand,
because to you the wealthiness of the sea will direct itself;
the very resources of the nations will come to you.
The heaving mass of camels itself will cover you,
the young male camels of Mid´i·an and of E´phah.
All those from She´ba—they will come.
Gold and frankincense they will carry.
And the praises of Jehovah they will announce.
All the flocks of Ke´dar—they will be collected together to you.
The rams of Ne·ba´ioth—they will minister to you.
With approval they will come up upon my altar,
and I shall beautify my own house of beauty.

“Who are these that come flying just like a cloud,
and like doves to their birdhouse holes?
For in me the islands themselves will keep hoping,
the ships of Tar´shish also as at the first,
in order to bring your sons from far away,
their silver and their gold being with them,
to the name of Jehovah your God and to the Holy One of Israel,
for he will have beautified you.
And foreigners will actually build your walls,
and their own kings will minister to you;
for in my indignation I shall have struck you,
but in my goodwill I shall certainly have mercy upon you.

“And your gates will actually be kept open constantly;
they will not be closed even by day or by night,
in order to bring to you the resources of the nations,
and their kings will be taking the lead.
For any nation and any kingdom that will not serve you will perish;
and the nations themselves will without fail come to devastation.

“To you the very glory of Leb´a·non will come,
the juniper tree, the ash tree and the cypress at the same time,
in order to beautify the place of my sanctuary;
and I shall glorify the very place of my feet.

“And to you the sons of those afflicting you must go, bowing down;
and all those treating you disrespectfully must bend down at the very soles of your feet,
and they will have to call you the city of Jehovah, Zion of the Holy One of Israel.

“Instead of your proving to be one left entirely and hated,
with nobody passing through, I will even set you as a thing of pride to time indefinite,
an exultation for generation after generation.
And you will actually suck the milk of nations,
and the breast of kings you will suck;
and you will be certain to know that I, Jehovah, am your Savior,
and the Powerful One of Jacob is your Repurchaser.
Instead of the copper I shall bring in gold, and instead of the iron I shall bring in silver,
and instead of the wood, copper, and instead of the stones, iron;
and I will appoint peace as your overseers and righteousness as your task assigners.

“No more will violence be heard in your land,
despoiling or breakdown within your boundaries.
And you will certainly call your own walls Salvation and your gates Praise.
For you the sun will no more prove to be a light by day,
and for brightness the moon itself will no more give you light.
And Jehovah must become to you an indefinitely lasting light,
and your God your beauty.
No more will your sun set, nor will your moon go on the wane;
for Jehovah himself will become for you an indefinitely lasting light,
and the days of your mourning will have come to completion.
And as for your people, all of them will be righteous;
to time indefinite they will hold possession of the land, the
sprout of my planting, the work of my hands, for [me] to be beautified.
The little one himself will become a thousand,
and the small one a mighty nation.
I myself, Jehovah, shall speed it up in its own time.”
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Re: Babel Island

Post  true lilly on Tue Jan 17, 2012 3:29 pm

Yes, it is about time, and trying to keep secret,
the actual time-spans and time-lines, God told us of.

But God also Promised to reveal what's been hidden,
and warned that the foolish would be blind and deaf to it,
while even the 'least' of those the worldly look down on,
who don't deny God's Spirit, would understand, what
even the 'greatest' of those the worldly look up to, don't.

Over 400 LAKES...
well if that isn't, or rather, wasn't,
prime forestry country,
I'll go hee...funny to,
that the remains of trees already long ago found there,
are the same as unique, native Australian trees...and,
ridiculous, that 'they' believe slandering me, will somehow,
prevent what God Promised to Reveal, from being revealed,
when I simply report on, what those doing the science and
discoveries, discover...with the links to the sources, as well
as the links to what God told us to watch for, that come to be.

Frozen wastes: Lake Ellsworth, where the
drilling is being carried out, is in the West of Antarctica. There are
more than 400 subglacial lakes across Antarctica

Truly ANCIENT LEBANON, and what became of it:
Isaiah 60:13
“To you the very glory of Leb´a·non will come,
the juniper tree, the ash tree and the cypress at the same time,
in order to beautify the place of my sanctuary;
and I shall glorify the very place of my feet.)

The glory 3519 of Lebanon 3844 shall come 935 unto thee,
the fir tree 1265, the pine tree 8410, and the box 8391 together 3162,
to beautify 6286 the place 4725 of my sanctuary 4720;
and I will make the place 4725 of my feet 7272 glorious 3513.

Aboriginal Stonehenge: Stargazing in ancient Australia

British explorers prepare to drill into
lost Antarctic world buried for a million years
almost two miles beneath the ice

  • Team faced -35C temperatures as they moved 70 tonnes of equipment to drilling site through mountain range
  • Samples from 1.8 miles under the ice are expected to reveal more about the Earth's past climate
  • Drilling operation will be carried out in November
Rob Cooper

Last updated at 8:53 AM on 16th January 2012
Comments (59)

British explorers are preparing to drill through
almost two miles of ice into an Antarctic lake as they
seek clues about life one million years ago.

The team used a 'tractor train' to tow nearly 70 tonnes of equipment to the
Lake Ellsworth drilling site which is one of the most hostile environments on earth
as they prepare for the operation.

They will return in November to collect water and sediment from the buried lake
using space industry standard 'clean technology'.

British team: The UK flag flies at lake Ellsworth where the drilling will take place
later this year. 70 tonnes of equipment has since been moved into place ready for
the operation

They hope the samples will provide clues about the Earth's past climate.

It could also help scientists assess the present-day stability of the West
Antarctic Ice Sheet and implications for future rises in the sea level.

The advance party, comprising four British engineers, braved temperatures of -35C
as they transported the drilling equipment.

They used powerful tractors to tow heavy containers of equipment on sledges
and skis across deep snow and through steep mountain passes.

Explorers: The team of four who are braving freezing conditions to work at the Lake Ellsworth site

Final frontier: The British team will live in tents at the site as they collect samples from 1.8miles below the ice

The 155-mile journey through the Ellsworth Mountain Range took them three days to complete.

Scientists have been planning the investigation for more than 15 years.

The Lake Ellsworth Programme Principal Investigator, Professor Martin
Siegert from the University of Edinburgh, said: 'The completion of this
stage of the mission is a welcome one - we are now one step closer to
finding out if new and unique forms of microbial life could have evolved
in this environment.

'The samples we hope to capture from Lake Ellsworth
will be hugely valuable to the scientific community.

'This year we will complete and test both the water sampling probe and the sediment corer.

Frozen wastes: Lake Ellsworth, where the drilling is being carried out,
is in the West of Antarctica. There are more than 400 subglacial lakes across Antarctica

'Extracted sediment samples could give us
an important insight in to the ancient history
of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, including past collapse,
which would have implications

(Truly ANCIENT LEBANON, and what became of it: )
for future
sea level rise.'

During phase two of the project researchers will use a high-pressure drill
to create a borehole through 1.8miles of ice.

They will then lower a titanium probe to measure and sample the water,
followed by a corer to extract sediment from the lake.

It will take around three days to drill through the ice and the scientists
will have about 24 hours to gather samples before the hole starts to freeze over.

Plan: This graph shows how the team will create a 1.8mile borehole
to the bottom of the lake over three days before lowering a corer to extract sediment

The equipment has been left one mile from the actual drilling site so that
the location remains unaffected by the equipment's presence.

Lake Ellsworth
is around 8.6 miles long, 1.2-1.8 miles wide and 150m deep,
around the size of Loch Katrine in the Trossachs, or Lake Windermere in the
Lake District.

Chris Hill, Advance Party Member and Lake Ellsworth Programme Manager said:
'This is a major milestone for the programme and we are delighted that
our complex logistical operations were a success this season.

'Working within the short Antarctic summer season adds pressure to our time on
the continent, which is why we had to plan two stages of the programme.'

The Lake Ellsworth programme is a consortium, funded by the Natural
Environment Research Council (NERC), between British Antarctic Survey
and the National Oceanography Centre - and the UK university sector.

More than 400 subglacial lakes
have so far been discovered
beneath Antarctica's vast ice sheet.

A Russian team hopes soon to penetrate and collect samples
from Lake Vostok in East Antarctica.

Read more:
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Re: Babel Island

Post  Billy Ruben on Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:40 am

true lilly wrote:
allure wrote:#29098

This thread is the biggest pile
of mad dogs absolute unadulterated shit
to have ever graced anywhere ever.

dixie d wrote:#29099

I don't think it is, not if you where in my position.
...I also see a grass of water.

thanks dixie,
I needed that...and I fully agree,
I also See,
a "GRASS" as piss weak as "WATER".

Hey, forgive me my crassness
(time and place and all that),
and I'll forgive the 'typo'...
..."Grass of Water"...cracked me up...
in the best of ways.. Very Happy

A, piss weak as WATER, "GRASS",
trying to LURE folk away from
shit from sugar for themselves.

Funniest Post you've done Ms Ryan as in divorced,unwanted,not good enough a wife...

This thread is supposed to be about beautiful things and YOU ruined it,nobody else,by page three.That's how schizoidal you are.You hate love and beauty.Just like JD,you can't act out of character for too long.You see darkness eclipsed both your hearts and rotted your souls like cancers.All you both have in life is to make arses of yourself in internet land.But no-one believed JD,seeing him as a pile of putrid filth.You soon joined those ranks after lying and conspiring against me and all.Losers...

rolf rolf rolf rolf rolf rolf rolf rolf rolf

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Re: Babel Island

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