Plenty have it all, and more, but...

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Plenty have it all, and more, but...

Post  true lilly on Tue Jan 17, 2012 4:45 pm

Plenty have it all, and more, but,
it is her temperament, her character,
her unique Spirit, that makes her
a champion of champions...

The impossible,
that world champion sprinter Black Caviar
may still be improving,
is possible,
according to trainer Peter Moody.
"I'll either be proven a genius or a mug
in the next three weeks,"
Moody said.
Picture: Nicole Garmston

Black Caviar may still be improving,
Peter Moody

by:Matt Stewart

From:Herald Sun

January 18, 2012

Black Caviar may still be improving, says trainer Peter Moody. Source: The Courier-Mail

THE impossible, that world champion sprinter Black Caviar may still
be improving, is possible, according to trainer Peter Moody.

"I've said all along that she'll be at her best at five and I still believe it,"
Moody said after Black Caviar scorched around the back of Caulfield racecourse
in an 800m jumpout.

The five-year-old dashed over the trip in 46.34sec, about three seconds quicker
than the 12 other 800m jumpouts.

"I'll either be proven a genius or a mug in the next three weeks," Moody said.

Black Caviar's campaign starts at Moonee Valley on Friday week and concludes
at Royal Ascot in June - with two runs over the uncharted distance of 1400m in between.

Neither Moody nor jockey Luke Nolen believe the step to 1400m
in the Orr and Futurity Stakes, both at Caulfield next month,
will make her vulnerable as her career heads towards an unbeaten stretch of 20 races.

Related Coverage
If she wins the 1200m Australia Stakes at the Valley,
Black Caviar's unbeaten run will be 17.

Nolen said Black Caviar's relaxed style would play perfectly to 1400m.

"I guess the additional spice of this campaign is she's stepping to 1400m
for the first time - there are more challenges and more unknowns - but I
think she'll adapt to 1400m really well, especially at home (Caulfield)," Nolen said.

"I think she'll run it on her ear. She's just so relaxed.
There's no way she'd rip and tear.

"(Trainer) Jim Conlan always said to me when I was a junior jockey that
any horse who can run a strong 1200m up the straight (at Flemington)
would be perfectly suited at 1400m, and we all know what Black Caviar can do
up the straight."

Black Caviar's appearance in front of the trainer's tower at 7.30am yesterday
prompted admiring comments from a large number of onlookers.

Her size, muscled-up maturity and healthy coat had trainers and jockeys convinced
she was at her physical peak.

Moody said Black Caviar was about 10kg above her racing weight.

"She races at about 570-580kg," he said. "She has a big six to eight weeks
ahead of her ... so we'll need to have a bit of weight on her."
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Re: Plenty have it all, and more, but...

Post  Billy Ruben on Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:27 am

Billy Ruben wrote:
true lilly wrote:
Spotlight turned on sex fiends

Peter Rolfe

EXCLUSIVE: VICTORIA'S worst sex creeps have breached court orders more than 1000 times, leading to a major police policy shift.

90 comments on this story

Sex offender register stats revealed


VICTORIA'S sex offenders register is growing by 500 people a year and
has reached almost 4000, according to statistics released today.

If you use sex offenders,perverts and child porn just to make me angry,you are as sick as those who peddle this criminal and vulgar act and how bankrupt in spirit and God that you really are,that you would market such atrocities just to stimulate the desired emotional response.

And you have the hyde to pretend to stand against these acts.You repulse the reader and deepen your spiritual myopia.

I feel sorry for you.Disgusted,but sorry for you.You do have a mental illness,that is quite apparent now.Be gone,vile thing

thumbs down
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Re: Plenty have it all, and more, but...

Post  Billy Ruben on Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:39 am

true lilly wrote:
allure wrote:#29098

This thread is the biggest pile
of mad dogs absolute unadulterated shit
to have ever graced anywhere ever.

dixie d wrote:#29099

I don't think it is, not if you where in my position.
...I also see a grass of water.

thanks dixie,
I needed that...and I fully agree,
I also See,
a "GRASS" as piss weak as "WATER".

Hey, forgive me my crassness
(time and place and all that),
and I'll forgive the 'typo'...
..."Grass of Water"...cracked me up...
in the best of ways.. Very Happy

A, piss weak as WATER, "GRASS",
trying to LURE folk away from
shit from sugar for themselves.

Funniest Post you've done Ms Ryan as in divorced,unwanted,not good enough a wife...

This thread is supposed to be about beautiful things and YOU ruined it,nobody else,by page three.That's how schizoidal you are.You hate love and beauty.Just like JD,you can't act out of character for too long.You see darkness eclipsed both your hearts and rotted your souls like cancers.All you both have in life is to make arses of yourself in internet land.But no-one believed JD,seeing him as a pile of putrid filth.You soon joined those ranks after lying and conspiring against me and all.Losers...

rolf rolf rolf rolf rolf rolf rolf rolf rolf

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Re: Plenty have it all, and more, but...

Post  true lilly on Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:28 pm

Psalms 72:
Psalms 72:
Regarding Solomon.
[[A Psalm] for Solomon 8010.]]
O God, give your own judicial decisions to the king,
And your righteousness to the son of the king.

Give 5414 the king 4428 thy judgments 4941, O God 430,
and thy righteousness 6666 unto the king's 4428 son 1121.

May he plead the cause of your people with righteousness
And of your afflicted ones with judicial decision.

He shall judge 1777 thy people 5971 with righteousness 6664,
and thy poor 6041 with judgment 4941.

Let the mountains carry peace to the people,
Also the hills, through righteousness.

The mountains 2022 shall bring 5375 peace 7965 to the people 5971,
and the little hills 1389, by righteousness 6666.

Let him judge the afflicted ones of the people,
Let him save the sons of the poor one,
And let him crush the defrauder.

He shall judge 8199 the poor 6041 of the people 5971,
he shall save 3467 the children 1121 of the needy 34,
and shall break in pieces 1792 the oppressor 6231 .

They will fear you as long as there is a sun,
And before the moon for generation after generation.

They shall fear 3372 thee as long as 5973 the sun 8121
and moon 3394 endure 6440, throughout all 1755 generations 1755.

He will descend like the rain upon the mown grass,
Like copious showers that wet the earth.

He shall come down 3381 like rain 4306 upon the mown 1488 grass:
as showers 7241 [that] water 2222 the earth 776.

In his days the righteous one will sprout,
And the abundance of peace until the moon is no more.

In his days 3117 shall the righteous 6662 flourish 6524 ;
and abundance 7230 of peace 7965 so long as the moon 3394 endureth.

And he will have subjects from sea to sea
And from the River to the ends of the earth.

He shall have dominion 7287 also from sea 3220 to sea 3220,
and from the river 5104 unto the ends 657 of the earth 776.

Before him the inhabitants of waterless regions will bow down,
And his very enemies will lick the dust itself.

They that dwell in the wilderness 6728 shall bow 3766 before 6440 him;
and his enemies 341 shall lick 3897 the dust 6083.

The kings of Tar´shish and of the islands—
Tribute they will pay.
The kings of She´ba and of Se´ba—
A gift they will present.

The kings 4428 of Tarshish 8659 and of the isles 339
shall bring 7725 presents 4503:
the kings 4428 of Sheba 7614 and Seba 5434
shall offer 7126 gifts 814.

And to him all the kings will prostrate themselves;
All the nations, for their part, will serve him.

Yea, all kings 4428 shall fall down 7812 before him:
all nations 1471 shall serve 5647 him.

For he will deliver the poor one crying for help,
Also the afflicted one and whoever has no helper.

For he shall deliver 5337 the needy 34 when he crieth 7768 ;
the poor 6041 also, and [him] that hath no helper 5826 .

He will feel sorry for the lowly one and the poor one,
And the souls of the poor ones he will save.

He shall spare 2347 the poor 1800 and needy 34,
and shall save 3467 the souls 5315 of the needy 34.

From oppression and from violence he will redeem their soul,
And their blood will be precious in his eyes.

He shall redeem 1350 their soul 5315 from deceit 8496 and violence 2555:
and precious 3365 shall their blood 1818 be in his sight 5869.

And let him live, and to him let some of the gold of She´ba be given.
And in his behalf let prayer be made constantly;
All day long let him be blessed.

And he shall live 2421 , and to him shall be given 5414 of the gold 2091 of Sheba 7614:
prayer also shall be made 6419 for him continually 8548;
[and] daily 3117 shall he be praised 1288 .

There will come to be plenty of grain on the earth;
On the top of the mountains there will be an overflow.
His fruit will be as in Leb´a·non,
And those who are from the city will blossom like the vegetation of the earth.

There shall be an handful 6451 of corn 1250 in the earth 776
upon the top 7218 of the mountains 2022;
the fruit 6529 thereof shall shake 7493 like Lebanon 3844:
and [they] of the city 5892 shall flourish 6692 like grass 6212 of the earth 776.

Let his name prove to be to time indefinite;
Before the sun let his name have increase,
And by means of him let them bless themselves;
Let all nations pronounce him happy.

His name 8034 shall endure for ever 5769:
his name 8034 shall be continued 5125 5125 as long as 6440 the sun 8121:
and [men] shall be blessed 1288 in him:
all nations 1471 shall call him blessed 833 .

Blessed be Jehovah God, Israel’s God,
Who alone is doing wonderful works.

Blessed 1288 [be] the LORD 3068 God 430, the God 430 of Israel 3478,
who only doeth 6213 wondrous things 6381 .

And blessed be his glorious name to time indefinite,
And let his glory fill the whole earth.
Amen and Amen.

And blessed 1288 [be] his glorious 3519 name 8034 for ever 5769:
and let the whole earth 776 be filled 4390 [with] his glory 3519;
Amen 543, and Amen 543.

The prayers of David, the son of Jes´se, have come to their end.

The prayers 8605 of David 1732 the son 1121 of Jesse 3448 are ended 3615 .
true lilly

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Re: Plenty have it all, and more, but...

Post  Billy Ruben on Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:49 am

Billy Ruben wrote:
true lilly wrote:So, how many have kept count of all the times
"Billy Ruben", just has to jump in and attack me

How many have figured out what that SAYS ABOUT
"Billy Ruben"?

Particularly as "Billy Ruben" GETS EXTRA ANGRY
when baby fuckers ARE ALSO LINKED TO, 'respected'
positions, like say, THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY.

Speaking of which, how many have noticed that
"Billy Ruben" can't even get my husband's TRADE
OR NAME right, in his desperate efforts to SPIN BS
out of what I actually post?

Makes one wonder WHY "Billy Ruben" is NOT so keen
to 'defend', THE ACTUAL PERSON, but rather, DEFENDS

Interesting to how "Billy Ruben" threatens me with
State and Federal Police for posting MAIN STREAM NEWS
AND ASKING WHY Police have NOT come for that pc
that someone loaded CHILD PORN on, WHILE I WAS

Seems "Billy Ruben" NEEDS the world to believe that
the ONLY CORRUPT Police, are those "Billy Ruben"
'claims' to be 'fighting', NOT THOSE PROTECTING


No you lying dog-rooting slut.And you know it.You play the game of insinuating I have involvement in filth peddling and drug and gun runningYou know the truth of your own lies and I have exposed everyone of them.Noticed you did'nt get phone texts like you saidAnd those recent,that I save,so when you falsely accuse,I can prove otherwise.You only just got that Blue-tooth connection and I have'nt bit for months.Stupid fuck you are,you give the game away before it gets on the way.Come on,prove otherwise.

You hate the fact I report those cops,cause I supply EVIDENCE,something you always failed to do and now we know why,Ballarat Police refuted every claim you've made.You're not even on their records,idiot.

And that's why I think you're obsesse3d with child-molesting,WHY?

Told you,I put money on it,you did fuck your dog on that breeder farm as a young teenage curious whore that you were,turned to God and tried transference,hoping it's all forgotten and forgiven

The only person you can't hide it from is yourself.That's why I keep reminding.And I have credibilty,something you lost in your battles with me,hehehehehe,I have trade,you're bankrupt.Who cares what you say and think.But involve me or those I love,I'll have you,anytime.

You've had your warning,hope they confiscate your computer,that was one of the reasons I'm going to do it.Forget hiding it you stupid bitch,every component has it's own signature.They can tell when you substituteThere's things the authorities can do,that even most crackers have no idea about,have a nice life creep.

cthulhu cthulhu cthulhu cthulhu
Billy Ruben wrote:
true lilly wrote:
true lilly wrote:'Billy Ruben' says 'he's' in hiding.
Should I post all the Ph. No's 'he' threatens me by?
Or just the numbers of those who first Blutoothed my phone,
and also boasted of having friends in the police that access
phone use details for them?

Well, if something were to happen to a real person who's
identity 'they' use, after 'Billy Ruben/Jason Cook' texted me
where he "is hiding from Occultists", I think authorities should
get straight onto 'them', rather than waste time harassing me,
'their' actual, intended victim.

Lets face it; the only reason 'they' have for sending me such
a message, would be to try to set me up for harm done to
some mentally ill person 'they' use as 'their' cover for the
self serving evils 'they' do.

What a load of shit!!!!.

No harm will come to your crazy little head,no matter how much you push.You're ridiculous and insane.I'd stick around to argue,but seeing as you spammed your own thread with off-topic,non-related bullshit,I shall leave again.

Oh,I support the fat redneck making and flying Swastika flags.No harm done at's how I feel and what I see,when this flag flies proud.[/img]

thumbs up lmao lol! rolf popcorn
Billy Ruben wrote: rolf rolf rolf rolf

...Now that's a very interesting post about psychological transference.

If I remember correctly,I did a thread about you,where you admit you have child porn on on your computer and blamed three differing parties.

You admitted you have it...and blamed others.Now,how do your inconsistencies would look before a jury,Eh?

Not to good for you,you mad silly cow.Those scrubbers in gaol will absolutely rip you to pieces the very first night.Enjoy getting fist-anal babe,because if I prove you still got it,I'll be mercilous with you and condemn you to the lowest realms,where that decrepid soul of yours came from

Try Me,Suzanne Ryan of Ballarat/Wendouree...just fucking try me.

Filth peddler.

cthulhu cthulhu cthulhu cthulhu
Billy Ruben wrote:You're filth Suzy Ryan.

Remember the sequence of threats I told you months ago,it's already started.

Your thread,The Lying Conspiracy,...rant roomed.

Next,back to the Mental Health Authorities with a proper prepared proposal.

Next,The Federal Police Of Australia.

Then,and the best of all...Interpol.

So keep pushing little Missy and I will enact my threats and have you good,where I want you,M'Kay?

There's a good girl,back to knowing exactly where you stand moron.One more flicker of shit from you,you're gone.

What you only wish,fantasize and beg God for,I'll pull off.I've been offered a very special rank amongst the satanist,it's tempting,but know how it corrupts.I'd only join to wipe the floor with arseholes like you.But the best of intentions with those kind of energies,would only consume me.

On bending knee bitch,beg,that my wisdom holds up...this time around.

cthulhu thumbs down

Billy Ruben

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Re: Plenty have it all, and more, but...

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