the ok at the oral is ok to be you but kindly borrowed new &

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the ok at the oral is ok to be you but kindly borrowed new &

Post  daddlepoms on Tue Feb 14, 2012 11:47 pm

a belly full of blue to the window is good to know that the days of school are over & life & trust has begun, the life that you'll give is the chance that you'll take to give a direction to one with a question to make, there is a less & a more & a belief in that you're to be well & a good to come back from the brink & be the model of others & kill the spider you bated that you'l be in loo of the deep & the truth of the water that no dread but you sooth the calming quivers of otters, thus I have called upon you believe it or not to turn from that way & come back for the drink of a little glass & the quench of the note that all in all I have woken you for more that though there be slide I know to confide that you'll qauke in the boots the one who took out your roots, but the drop of a hai & the thx of the good you'll be soaring on flight & borne like the kite, too you that new & the borrowed you'll be the one more perhaps by tomorrow, the quench & the sooth & the this that you knew that I'd call you to do the love of the call this for you, she'll need but your touch to lead on to my love & you'll be the crisp of the eve as the cool breeze comes & our chatters do weave up the sentient in the narrow & the full blow & the tremble of the leaf with the gist of a light life briging mist that the you'll be that in this you be there knowing that before you know two, that you be on fortune & that in the the borrow of the new to the who that the you & the buy by the birds fly so much high that in you'll be the believaable leafs in the garden so surface the you know before they knew for you'l be the ever before of being you know this would go three two the one & this too would be love that in you'll know be true the be you will knew to be the light off the moon to the sprakling stras on the tune of the hover of crystal clear traces of frosted ice & snow here you know things are blue

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