elequent is the still of the numbers

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elequent is the still of the numbers

Post  daddlepoms on Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:08 am

couture spreading as the lace of a dream upon the delighting of way for the silence of the bay has captured the motion so to do the radiance of the spark of your desire rouse to the oral ok & that this mouth will guide to the whispers of the dream that you'll be captured in time for when the bubbling of the fusion will nere let out then go to the comb & see for the crystal & the ordinances will well have brought on the two who you knew & the five that we'd get to know that in through the true very intimate view that the lure of the provocative nature of dealing with the hue of the feathers of parrots & their calls of the out of the ordinary that you'll observe in it's time that in this you'll come kind & come shy & the fragrance of the foam of the seas will be the caress between you & I know though there's time but if I can't take the wait I'll know that the future of the rink is that the shavings of cones with drizzled syrup & flavors of things between you & me never told, there is a widow, to the oral mkay, the way to know is just there & that's all, sweet & nice but we'll see later on we've been spelling it out & capturing the fervor, but the game is last on the doing & the first to be about, so let it go & jump in & you'll know that by far & by way here it will come soon that day, the frost & the chips cracked of by the wind so you know & I to, that if the colors you think of were ever so pure than that of the cascade of the few, the proud & the brave would never have guess that the sign with in life is calling to you, yes calling

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