Survivors mark 'Australia's Pearl Harbour'

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Survivors mark 'Australia's Pearl Harbour'

Post  true lilly on Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:06 am

Digger Basil Stahl was enjoying a cup of tea at morning smoko

when 242 Japanese planes unleashed hell on Darwin,
70 years ago today.
Reporter Hamish Heard speaks to the man who lived through the fear.

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Blitz of Darwin remembered

Hamish Heard

ON the 70th anniversary of Japan's air assault on Darwin,

the first wartime attack on Australian soil
we talk to a man who lived through it.

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Survivors mark 'Australia's Pearl Harbour'

Attacked: PM praises Darwin strength in bombing
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Re: Survivors mark 'Australia's Pearl Harbour'

Post  true lilly on Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:12 am

Well I chose this headline of the many that covered it,
because it was NOT, "Australia's Pearl Harbour", as,
unlike the US, we were already fighting Nazi Germany
and it's Allies, like Japan, and didn't need to be,
"bombed into joining the fight".

But then, we can't expect better from the source:

Prime Minister Julia Gillard described the attack as "Australia's Pearl
and lamented its forgotten place in Australian history.


Is that what she now claims our schools must teach?

It was a very long and pretty well kept, secret!

Not unlike the secret, 400 Year Relationship we recently 'celebrated'
with The Dutch, that Both Governments prepared for, for a decade,
WHILE our schools were still 'teaching' that those early Dutch landings
were "myths", while 'teaching' proven and known myths, as 'history'!

But, I thank God, not all Australians reject the actual, most ancient
history of this uniquely rich, stable, glorious land, and amongst them
are even those who are not fighting The Creator God Who described it,
and the traitors and foreign enemies of the anciently scattered Tribes
of Israel and those who joined them, that started being regathered in
this land promised them all, over 200 years ago.

Psalms 40:
To the director. Of David, a melody.

I earnestly hoped in Jehovah,
And so he inclined [his ear] to me and heard my cry for help.

He also proceeded to bring me up out of a roaring pit,
Out of the mire of [the] sediment.
Then he raised up my feet upon a crag;
He firmly established my steps.

Further, he put in my mouth a new song,
Praise to our God.
Many will see [it] and will fear,
And they will trust in Jehovah.

Happy is the able-bodied man that has put Jehovah as his trust
And that has not turned his face to defiant people,
Nor to those falling away to lies.

Many things you yourself have done,
O Jehovah my God, even your wonderful works and your thoughts toward us;
There is none to be compared to you.
Were I inclined to tell and speak [of them],
They have become more numerous than I can recount.

Sacrifice and offering you did not delight in;
These ears of mine you opened up.
Burnt offering and sin offering you did not ask for.

In view of that, I said: “Here I have come,
In the roll of the book it being written about me.

To do your will, O my God, I have delighted,
And your law is within my inward parts.

I have told the good news of righteousness in the big congregation.
Look! My lips I do not restrain.
O Jehovah, you yourself know that well.

Your righteousness I have not covered over within my heart.
Your faithfulness and your salvation I have declared.
I have not hidden your loving-kindness and your trueness in the big congregation.”

You yourself, O Jehovah, do not restrain your pity from me.
Let your loving-kindness and your trueness themselves constantly safeguard me.

For calamities encircled me until there was no numbering of them.
More errors of mine overtook me than I was able to see;
They became more numerous than the hairs of my head,
And my own heart left me.

Be pleased, O Jehovah, to deliver me.
O Jehovah, to my assistance do make haste.

May those be ashamed and abashed all together
Who are seeking my soul to sweep it away.
May those turn back and be humiliated who are delighting in my calamity.

Let those stare in amazement in consequence of their shame
Who are saying to me: “Aha! Aha!”

Let those exult and rejoice in you,
All those who are seeking you.
Let those say constantly: “May Jehovah be magnified,”
Those who are loving salvation by you.

But I am afflicted and poor.
Jehovah himself takes account of me.
You are my assistance and the Provider of escape for me.
O my God, do not be too late.

Psalms 41:

To the director. A melody of David.

Happy is anyone acting with consideration toward the lowly one;
In the day of calamity Jehovah will provide escape for him.

Jehovah himself will guard him and preserve him alive.
He will be pronounced happy in the earth;
And you cannot possibly give him over to the soul of his enemies.

Jehovah himself will sustain him upon a divan of illness;
All his bed you will certainly change during his sickness.

As for me, I said: “O Jehovah, show me favor.
Do heal my soul, for I have sinned against you.”

As for my enemies, they say what is bad concerning me:
“When will he die and his name actually perish?”

And if one does come to see [me], untruth is what his heart will speak;
He will gather up for himself something hurtful;
He will go out; on the outside he will speak [of it].

Unitedly against me all those hating me whisper to one another;
Against me they keep scheming something bad for me:

“A good-for-nothing thing is poured out upon him;
Now that he has lain down, he will not get up again.”

Also the man at peace with me, in whom I trusted,
Who was eating my bread, has magnified [his] heel against me.

As for you, O Jehovah, show me favor and cause me to get up,
That I may pay them back.

By this I do know that you have found delight in me,
Because my enemy does not shout in triumph over me.

As for me, because of my integrity you have upheld me,
And you will set me before your face to time indefinite.

Blessed be Jehovah the God of Israel
From time indefinite even to time indefinite.
Amen and Amen.
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Re: Survivors mark 'Australia's Pearl Harbour'

Post  true lilly on Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:24 am

Seventy years after the bombing of Darwin -
a magnificent way to recall a bloody day

Mike Hedge
The Daily Telegraph

February 20, 2012


Darwin bombing
Bombing a day of great signifi...

Darwin attack commemorated

Memorial ... Governor-General Quentin Bryce meets with veteran Richard Overheu after the service / Pic: Michael Franchi
Source: The Daily Telegraph

Bombing a day of great significance - GG
Quentin Bryce has described the day of the Darwin bombings as one of 'immense significance'.

Darwin attack commemorated

An air-raid siren will sound in Darwin this morning to mark 70 years since the Japanese attacks of the city.

Remembrance ... Prime Minister Julia Gillard lays a wreath at the Cenotaph / Pic: Michael Franchi
Source: The Daily Telegraph

CURIOUSLY, one of the first tunes played yesterday by the army band
at the 70th anniversary ceremony of the day the Japanese reduced Darwin
to rubble was Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines.

To most of the 5000 or so who came to the city's cenotaph to
commemorate the first attack on Australia by a foreign force, the
choice of music didn't make the slightest difference - and, if it had,
they would probably have had a good laugh.

For the men and women who witnessed the bombing of Darwin
on February 19, 1942 - an attack that killed at least 243 people - and survived
the seven decades since, such things go down, at worst, as insignificant amusement.

Darwin blitz remembered 70 years on

Recommended Coverage

Darwin Bombing

"If you've been around for as long as I have, you're just thankful
to be here,"
said George Woodward, who was 18 and an army private on
the day the war came to Australia. "To be here today is a wonderful privilege."

Mr Woodward was one of about 90 veterans who returned to Darwin this week
for what many of them are fully aware could be their last anniversary of the bombing.

Eric Thompson, a naval officer who saw the Japanese attack, said while
the ranks of survivors were thinning, it was wonderful to see the Darwin public
acknowledging the significance of the day. "I look around and see faces I've seen
here over the years," he said. "I see a few not here as well."

Lieutenant-Commander Thompson, 98, a gunnery officer on HMAS Deloraine,
was one of the most popular people in Darwin in the past week. "It's fabulous
that they've done this," he said. "I won't forget the day."

The crowd at Darwin's cenotaph heard Governor-General Quentin Bryce
describe the day of the bombing as of "immense significance" and one of
the most important dates in Australia's history".

"Since 1788 Australia had been a child of Britain, dependent on Mother Empire
for protection," Ms Bryce said.

"Suddenly, on that fateful day, we were forced to grow up. Australia was under attack
and Britain couldn't help us."

It was also a day when Australia realised its security rested on the
cementing of an alliance with the US and one that began the realisation
Australia needed to dramatically increase its population.

Such realisation led to a new immigration policy transforming Australia's society
and economy.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard praised locals for their strength and
resilience and acknowledged the lack of national recognition of the
Japanese raids. "The bombing of Darwin was a terrible day in a terrible
war," she said. "Now the whole country will know it too."


Editor's Pick

Magnificent way to recall Darwin '42

CHOICE of music to commemorate anniversary
of bombing of Darwin didn't
make a difference
and, if it had, they'd probably have laughed

Gallery: The Darwin bombing

one of the first tunes played yesterday
by the army band
at the 70th anniversary ceremony of
the day the Japanese reduced Darwin to rubble
Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines.

So, it DID or DIDN'T 'make a difference'?

DID they 'laugh' or NOT?

WHY 'mention it', LET ALONE 'REPORT' it,
when 'IF' and 'PROBABLY' were NEEDED
to 'excuse' 'laughing it off'.


So, the Darwin Bombing Anniversary was YESTERDAY,
but, TODAY we're given these 2 (related?) headlines,
"on the same [front] page" of "The Telegraph".

Not surprising to me, considering that the PM and GG
chose that day to peddle THE ENEMIES PROPAGANDA
that we should DISHONOUR OUR 'MOTHER' and
IF, we want our days ON THE LAND GOD GAVE US
to be long and good.

Exd 20:12
Honour 3513 thy father 1 and thy mother 517:
that thy days 3117 may be long 748 upon the land 127
which the LORD 3068 thy God 430 giveth 5414 thee.

Deu 5:16
Honour 3513 thy father 1 and thy mother 517,
as the LORD 3068 thy God 430 hath commanded 6680 thee;
that thy days 3117 may be prolonged 748,
and that it may go well 3190 with thee, in the land 127
which the LORD 3068 thy God 430 giveth 5414 thee.

Mat 15:4
For 1063 God 2316 commanded 1781, saying 3004,
Honour 5091 thy 4675 father 3962 and 2532 mother 3384:
and 2532, He that curseth 2551 father 3962 or 2228 mother 3384,
let him die 5053 the death 2288.
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Re: Survivors mark 'Australia's Pearl Harbour'

Post  sharky on Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:08 am

el kabong wrote:Save your breath is very delusional...warped...deformed.........look at the Facts in this Thread:
Australia is mostly Desert Wasteland

thumbs up

This Thread is about the Runt Continent Australia that is mostly Desert wasteland and what isn't desert wasteland is often flooded and about to be Volcanized!!!. Capiche? wave

For instance suzi wuzi/suze aka 'tru lilly/vera susa'; did you know:

Deserts comprise 1.3 million square miles or about 44% of the land area of Australia. thinking hmm wave

Australia’s Desert Country

One third of Australia’s land is desert. Australia has 10 deserts of which the largest is the Great Victoria Desert, covering just under 5 percent of the country. Ironically, the Great Victoria Desert is not located in Victoria but is in Western Australia and South Australia. The Great Victoria Desert covers 348,750 square kilometres which makes it around one and a half times bigger than the UK or slightly smaller than Montana.

How Big is Australia?
Australia is the word’s smallest continent

And if it isn't Desert Wasteland and flooded it's quaking, yes Suze, Australia is amongst the most unstable of Landmasses being part of the Ring of Fire.

Do you know any truths/facts? It doesn't seem so....hmmmmmmmmmmmm........

thinking hmm noway

Australia’s first recorded earthquake after white settlement occurred at Port Jackson, New South Wales in June, 1788 and lasted for about 3 seconds.

Other earthquakes recorded in early Australian history were:

■Hobart in 1827
■South Australia 1837
■Melbourne in 1841
■Perth in 1849.
The first recorded deaths in Australia caused by earthquakes occurred in 1902, at Warooka, South Australia. Two people died of shock after a Richter magnitude 6.0 earthquake.

A train line damaged by an earthquake
In 1917, one miner died and 5 were injured in an underground rock fall triggered by an earthquake in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

In the last 80 years, there have been 17 earthquakes in Australia registering 6.0 or more on the Richter Scale. This is a rate of about one earthquake every five years, compared to the world average of about 140 per year.

Although the larger Australian earthquakes have caused significant damage, they are much smaller in strength than the world's most-damaging earthquakes. Until Newcastle's December 1989 earthquake, the damage caused by earthquakes in Australia had been comparatively low.

Quakes that Shook the Nation
Here is a list of some of the major earthquakes to have occured in Australia in recent times:

1 March 1954, Adelaide, South Australia
Adelaide was awakened by a loud rumbling sound. This was followed by shaking, severe enough to crack walls and loosen plaster and chimneys from many houses. Although minor compared to many overseas quakes, the Adelaide earthquake was (at magnitude 5.4) severe enough to cause damage estimated at $350 million (1997 values). No serious injuries were reported.

October 1968, Meckering, Western Australia
One of the more serious Australian earthquakes in fairly recent years occurred at the small town of Meckering. Residents reported seeing ground waves as well as experiencing difficulty when driving as the 6.9 Richter magnitude earthquake struck. Old buildings collapsed, railway lines were buckled and pipelines fractured, and a 37 kilometres long fault scarp (up to 2.5 metres high) was caused. Sixteen injuries were reported and the total cost of damage estimated $50 million.

22 January 1988, Tennant Creek, Northern Territory
Significant earthquakes of magnitudes 6.3, 6.4 and 6.8 occurred near Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory. These resulted in large, long ground ruptures and a 35 kilometre fault (up to 2 metre displacement) which warped underground gas pipelines, but caused only minor damage to the hospital and some homes in the town.

28 December 1989, Newcastle, New South Wales
At 10.27am, Newcastle, Australia's sixth largest city, was partially devastated by a moderate earthquake measuring 5.6 on the Richter Scale. The Newcastle earthquake, the first lethal one in Australia, claimed 13 lives.

The devastation to buildings and other structures was extensive, which was unusual for a relatively-small magnitude earthquake. This was due mainly to an underlying, thin layer of alluvium, which appeared to magnify ground motion (shaking). The epicentre was located 15km West Southwest of the city centre, near Boolaroo.

August 1994, Ellalong, New South Wales
A damaging earthquake again affected the Hunter region of NSW, this time in the Ellalong-Cessnock area. Measuring 5.4 on the Richter Scale, it became our third most-damaging. Several homes, hotels and other buildings suffered seriously and up to 1,000 homes were partly damaged. Infrastructure, commercial and industrial losses also occurred. Insurance payouts were $38 million and total damage costs exceeded $150 million (1997 values).

The End of a Myth

A map showing the Earth's tectonic plates and
earthquake zones.
(see the text on the left for more information)
Despite Australia's seemingly low-risk situation in the middle of one of Earth's larger tectonic plates, we have had many earthquakes larger than that of Newcastle. The map to the right shows that Australia is in the middle of the Australian-Indian Plate.

The Australian Geological Survey Organisation in Canberra estimates that on average, the Australian region experiences an earthquake of at least this size, or larger, every 13-15 months.

Most of these earthquakes have been in low populated areas, so for many years people thought Australia could not be affected by this natural disaster. The Newcastle experience dispelled this myth!

Australian Geology
Due to Australia's geological position, we are prone to what seismologists call 'intra-plate' earthquakes.

These are different to the more familiar plate-margin earthquakes, common in areas like California in the USA and in Japan.


H boobies

Soooo............if Australia isn't a Desert Wasteland, flooded or being jarred and quaked it is likely that the inhabitants are going to be Bar-B-Qued by Volcanoes, yes Suze-aka 'tru lilly/vera susa' Australia has many Volcanoes and Fault Lines which shatters your deception that Australia is a fertile and stable environment.

got anymore falsehoods you want to share?

Why are you trying to lure innocent humans to that Desert hellhole?

Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

Daily Earthquake activity Reports latest news feed

Earthquake and Fault Line Maps for Australia.

Is there a risk of a volcanic eruption in Australia ?

Mount Gambier ( Eastern South Australia ) Australia's youngest volcano.
A volcano filled with water. Erupted 4,500 years ago
"...volcanic activity must be considered a serious environmental hazard and risk for the Australian mainland. " Source: The risk of volcanic eruption in mainland Australia - E. B. Joyce.............................The Western Victorian Volcanic Plains are the third largest in the world and exceeded only by the Deccan in western India, and the Snake River Plateau in the United States ( Idaho-Nebraska ).

The Victorian Volcanic Plains are located in Western Victoria and covers over 2.3 million ha (10.36% of the State).
It stretches from Portland in the west to Craigieburn in the east and from Clunes in the north to Colac in the south.........................................“ There are around 400 volcanoes stretching from the Western District of Victoria into the Western Uplands around Ballarat wave and to the north of Melbourne around Kyneton and Kilmore, in some parts of the Eastern Uplands such as to the north of Benambra, and across to the South Australian border near Mt Gambier.
A volcanic eruption in the Western Uplands could potentially see lava flows and ash falls impacting on Melbourne.

There is also similar volcano risk present in various provinces in Far North Queensland, stretching from south-west of Townsville to near Cairns and up to Cooktown in the Far North. There are more than 380 volcanoes in total across this part of Queensland.
A future eruption in any of these regions would be unlikely to come from an existing volcano (as the volcanoes there are generally considered to be 'once only’ erupters).
Rather, future eruptions would occur at new sites nearby.
The geological record shows that new volcanoes in these areas have erupted perhaps every 2000 years in the past 40,000 years—and given there has not been a major eruption there for the past 5000 years, a significant eruption seems well overdue. " (3)

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Re: Survivors mark 'Australia's Pearl Harbour'

Post  sharky on Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:25 am

Hey Icke!!!!! yeah you..... noway ......who do you think you're bullshittin? some mental midget shit 4 brainz?.

Icke is a deluded and dangerous demagogue..........
The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots. H. L. Mencken

He is David Icke New Age Neo Nazi Guru hatemongering, fearmongering liar.

He claims he is not antisemitic, then he goes on to lie and demonize the Jews and Israel.......who is he kidding besides himself? The useful idiots that hang on everyone of his words?

David Icke Myth: Rothschild Zionism in its public expression is a political ideology based on a homeland for Jewish people in Palestine and a belief that the Jews are God's 'chosen race' with a God-given right to the 'promised land' of Israel (historically this is nonsense, as I show in my books)

The only thing he has shown in his books is he is an antisemitic gullible fool....... lmao
“The Jews have no claim to the land they call Israel.”

A common misperception is that all the Jews were forced into the Diaspora by the Romans after the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem in the year 70 C.E. and then, 1,800 years later, the Jews suddenly returned to Palestine demanding their country back. In reality, the Jewish people have maintained ties to their historic homeland for more than 3,700 years.

The Jewish people base their claim to the Land of Israel on at least four premises: 1) the Jewish people settled and developed the land; 2) the international community granted political sovereignty in Palestine to the Jewish people; 3) the territory was captured in defensive wars and 4) God promised the land to the patriarch Abraham.

David Icke Myth: They have sought to sell the 'Zionism-means-all-Jewish-people' lie so that they can condemn as 'anti-Semites' and 'racists' anyone who exposes the truth about Rothschild Zionism and its agents in government, banking, business, media, military etc.

Read this daveyboy:

Zionism is the national self determination movement of the Jewish people. Zionism is the belief in a Jewish homeland for the Jewish people, in Israel. Zionism is the Jewish people's instantiation of the human right of self determination. 99% of Jews are supportive of the existance of the Jewish state - that makes them Zionists..............In summary
Almost all Jews (99%) are infact Zionists, but the definition Zionists (and infact almost all Jewish anti-Zionists) themselves use. If you use an antisemic defintion such as Zionism as Racist you can of course invent statistics as you please.

Hey davey, this is pure 100% unadulterated bullshit......that makes you a lying sack of shit.

David Icke Myth:The world's most extreme racists are, after all, the Rothschild Zionists, anyway. Israel is an apartheid state every bit as much as were apartheid South Africa and apartheid America.

The Facts

Comparison of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict with Apartheid South AfricaThese days it is becoming very popular to compare the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict with apartheid South Africa prior to 1994. It is an odious comparison wreaked with many half-truths and clichés. Both situations are so different that when one examines the situation one can note major differences. The idea of using this comparison is to delegitimize Israel's right to exist within secure and recognized borders and to justify the Palestinian methods of terror in order to destroy Israel.

In apartheid South Africa prior to 1994 before the first democratic elections in South Africa 's history, there was this odious apartheid system. Its main purpose was to maintain white minority rule at all costs and to keep the black majority disenfranchised and without basic human rights. These blacks were a reservoir of cheap labour to operate the white economy and to ensure white prosperity at their expense. Blacks had suffered immense injustice under this system. White South African Government spending on black education and their general community welfare was minimal. The gap between the black situation then and slavery was not very large.

Social intercourse between whites and blacks in those days was a relationship between the white master and the black, underpaid servant. The situation for non-white people was intolerable and even cruel. It was against the law for Blacks to travel freely in the country of their birth except if they had a pass (dompas) from the white authorities. After 9.00 p.m., there was a curfew and blacks were forbidden in the streets after that dreaded hour in many towns. These people were not terrorists. They were not people who threatened the whites in any way. Denial of their basic human rights was commonplace. There was the dreaded Immorality Act, which prevented mixed marriages and sex beyond the colour bar. Those who contravened the law were imprisoned. There were separate public facilities for blacks and whites. Laws forbade blacks to eat in white restaurants. Separate transport facilities, which resulted in overcrowded conditions in buses and trains, were part of this evil, cruel system. It was common to see police officers abusing and ill treating blacks for not having their pass (identity or reference book) on their person when being searched. The police pushed them into the back of the police van, and drove them to the police station where they spent a night in the lock up cell. Usually their white employers bailed out these unfortunate persons when they produced a permit that they were in his employ legally. Blacks could not purchase property in white areas, as this was a contravention of the notorious Group Areas Act.

Anybody who opposed the apartheid system in those days – especially if he was black – was accused of being an agitator or communist. The police arrested him for 90 days without trial or recourse to a lawyer. This was increased later to 180 days detention and the police officer even had the power to keep a person imprisoned indefinitely without trial. These incidents occurred during the period of 1950 – 1990. Apartheid was at its zenith in those years. It was illegal to criticise the white government for its apartheid practices. There was limited criticism in those days by white opposition parties in parliament. However, the law controlled the limit of legal criticism. The abuse of prisoners for obtaining information was legal and encouraged. The police tortured the famous black leader, Steve Biko, to death when he was in prison for "anti-apartheid crimes" in 1977.

The majority of South African citizens was against apartheid and wanted to be part of a multi racial South Africa . The leaders of the liberation movements never spoke of destroying the white man and denying him rights in South Africa. Their fight was a justified fight for freedom and human rights as well as equality before the law.

If one were to contrast that with the situation in the Middle East, it is different. Israel 's Arab neighbours threatened her from the day of her establishment in 1948. There was never a desire to recognise Israel 's right to exist. What has this to do with South African style apartheid? Where is the comparison?

The blacks in their liberation struggle never targeted innocent people by suicide bombings or terror. There were sporadic incidents by some black extremists, but the mainstream liberation movements in South Africa went underground. Their leaders, who were living in exile, condemned this violence.

Perhaps, there may be a vague parallel of apartheid in the occupied territories since June 1967. The occupation is a complex problem that is the result of a war foisted onto Israel . Israel, being militarily superior, occupied territory in the Six Day War of June 1967 and made the fatal mistake of encouraging Jewish settlements there when it was obvious that there was no Arab partner who was willing to sign a peace treaty insuring the return of occupied territory as part of an overall peace agreement. The occupation and rule of the Palestinians is a tragic result of the wars that Israel fought for her survival/

However, had there been a willing partner on the Arab side who would come to terms with Israel's existence the seemingly "apartheid-like" situation would not have occurred. Israel never wished to conquer another people. This is contrary to the apartheid South African situation whereby the whites ruled and oppressed the blacks by force. They denied them their basic human rights. The intifida of 2000 resulted in a heavy spate of suicide violence against innocent Israelis, which resulted in heavy Israeli Army retaliation against armed Palestinian terrorists. The Palestinian terrorist groups had declared war on Israel and in a war; innocent people on both sides die and suffer.

The difference is that in South Africa both Whites and Blacks realized that their fate is dependent on one another. Both realised the importance of sitting down and negotiating a transitional period to end apartheid. Both sides were determined to rebuild the new democratic, multiracial South Africa . This feeling of mutual desire to end the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is lacking. The Palestinians have embarked on the road of terror and suicide bombings.

This is their chosen path. It differs from the path that the freedom fighters in South Africa chose. Here there is no desire to come to terms with Israel 's existence that was always a "thorn" in Palestinian flesh. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have made this perfectly clear to the world. Their manifesto is no example in building an alternative democratic Palestinian society in a state replacing Israel.

Is there not a similarity to Nazism in the Hamas manifesto? Many Palestinian observers in the UN Security council accuse Israel of genocide. Is the Hamas Manifesto not promoting genocide of the Jewish People? Compare this to the ideals of those who opposed and fought the cruel racist regime of White South Africa during those evil, apartheid years. Their fight was a fight to attain equality for all South Africans irrespective of their skin colour. This is not the case in the Israel-Palestinian dispute. Here there is no desire in Palestinian street, as represented by Hamas and company, to come to terms with Israel's existence – let alone negotiate a peace treaty, which would eventually lead to the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel . Genocide is more part of the lexicon of the Palestinian terrorist groups than in Israel . Perhaps from this point of view, there is a similarity between the Palestinians and the dominating whites of apartheid South Africa . Both peoples oppressed their citizens and denied them basic human rights. Both regimes were corrupt and were involved in feathering their own nests.

The similarity of apartheid South Africa to the Palestinian Authority, including their methods of torture of opponents, makes this comparison closer to the truth.
Where are human rights in the Arab countries? Where are woman's rights in Islamic Society? In Saudi Arabia , women are treated like chattels and do not even have the franchise. Why are the human rights organizations not taking any view on that?

Another very big difference between apartheid South Africa and Israel is the fact that there are no separate facilities for Jews and Arabs. Arab Israelis have equal rights and have the right to vote. There is no law preventing social mixing between the two peoples nor are there separate universities for Arabs and Israelis in Israel.

The comparison between Israel and apartheid South Africa shows total ignorance of the situation in both countries. After having been born and educated in apartheid South Africa and having opposed apartheid and racism all my life, I have come to realize how false and stupid this comparison really is. Much still remains to be done in the human rights area for Arab Israelis. There is some social descrimination in the job market and the situation is not as good as it could be. However, it is very far from the apartheid system of White South Africa where draconian laws were well set in place to separate blacks from whites

David Icke Myth: And by that I don't only mean the evil that is inflicted upon the Palestinian people minute-by-minute, day-by-day, but also the extraordinarily racist divisions within Jewish society with the black Jews from Ethiopia, for example, treated as little more than vermin

The Facts
In early 1991, Eritrean and Tigrean rebels began a concerted attack on Mengistu forces, meeting with surprising success for the first time since the civil war began in 1975. With the rebel armies advancing each day, Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam fled his country in early May. Rebels claimed control of the capital Addis Ababa shortly thereafter, and the situation of the Beta Israel took top priority in Israel. The Likud government of Yitzhak Shamir authorized a special permit for the Israeli airline, El Al, to fly on the Jewish Sabbath. On Friday, May 24, and continuing non-stop for 36 hours, a total of 34 El Al jumbo jets and Hercules C-130s—seats removed to accommodate the maximum number of Ethiopians—began a new chapter in the struggle for the freedom of Ethiopian Jewry.

Operation Solomon, named for the king from whom one of the theories suggest that the Beta Israel draw their lineage, ended almost as quickly as it began. Timing was crucial, since any delay by Israel could have allowed the rebels to hold the Jews as bargaining chips with Israel or the United States. A total of 14,324 Ethiopian Jews were rescued and resettled in Israel, a modern exodus of the grandest design. Operation Solomon rescued nearly double the number of Jews as were saved during Operation Moses and Joshua, and it did so in a mere fraction of the time.

More than 36,000 Ethiopian Jews now live in Israel and despite both economic and social hardships, their community has an integral part in Israeli society. In 1999, Avraham Yitzhak became the first Ethiopian immigrant to earn an MD degree from an Israeli medical school. In 2011, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs appointed Rachamim Elazar as Israel's Ambassador to Ethiopia, making him the first Israeli of Ethiopian descent to ever serve as an ambassador for the State of Israel. There are still many problems within the Ethiopian community in Israel - poverty, lack of education, etc - but large strides are being made every day.......................As early as the 16th century, Egypt's Chief Rabbi David ben Solomon ibn Avi Zimra (Radbaz) declared that in Halachic (Jewish legal) issues, the Beta Israel were indeed Jews. In 1855, Daniel ben Hamdya, a member of the Beta Israel, was the first Ethiopian Jew to visit Israel, meeting with a council of rabbis in Jerusalem concerning the authenticity of the Beta Israel. By 1864, almost all leading Jewish authorities, most notably Rabbi Azriel Hildsheimer of Eisenstadt, Germany, accepted the Beta Israel as true Jews. In 1908 the chief rabbis of forty-five countries had heeded Rabbi Hildsheimer's call and officially recognized the Beta Israel as fellow Jews.

In reaffirming the Radbaz's position centuries before, Rabbi Ovadia Yossef, Israel's Chief Sephardic Rabbi, stated in 1972, “I have come to the conclusion that Falashas are Jews who must be saved from absorption and assimilation. We are obliged to speed up their immigration to Israel and educate them in the spirit of the holy Torah, making them partners in the building of the Holy Land.”

In 1975, Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren wrote to the Beta Israel telling them, “You are our brothers, you are our blood and our flesh. You are true Jews.” Later that same year the Israeli Interministerial Commission officially recognized the Beta Israel as Jews under Israel's Law of Return, a law designed to aid in Jewish immigration to Israel. The Beta Israel were ready to come home.

Indeed, the Beta Israel were strictly observant in pre-Talmudic Jewish traditions. The women went to the mikvah, or ritual bath, just as observant Jewish women do to this day, and they continue to carry out ancient festivals, such as Seged, that have been passed down through the generations of Beta Israel. The Kesim, or religious leaders, are as widely revered and respected as the great rabbis in each community, passing the Jewish customs through storytelling and maintaining the few Jewish books and Torahs some communities were fortunate enough to have written in the liturgical language of Ge'ez.

Jewish Apathy . . .and its Defeat
The struggle to free the Beta Israel was not fought solely against the Ethiopian government. Much like some timid Jewish leaders during the Holocaust, some recent Jews sought to prevent a shanda fur de goyim (an embarrassment in front of the non-Jews) by not stirring up waves over Ethiopian Jewry.

The history of the Beta Israel's rescue is at times open to debate regarding the heroes of the Ethiopian Jewry movement. As with many struggles to free oppressed Jewry around the world, many advocated and vocalized opposition to those responsible for the lack of action on their behalf. Others, however, argued for a more quiet diplomacy, void of the public demonstrations and arrests that marked the struggle for Soviet Jewry.

Though over 8,000 Beta Israel managed to flee to Israel during his tenure, it was an Israeli official in charge of the Ethiopian Jews' absorption who may best symbolize the insensitivity that an extreme minority of people once held. Yehuda Dominitz who served as Director General of the Jewish Agency's Department of Immigration and Absorption, declared in 1980 that, “[taking] a Falasha (sic) out of his village, it's like taking a fish out of water...I'm not in favor of bringing them [to Israel].” Dominitz also refused to allow his agency to rent buses so Ethiopian Jews in Israel could travel to Jerusalem to observe their ancient holiday of Seged (Dominitz eventually relented, but had the buses take the Beta Israel to Haifa instead of Jerusalem).

Malkah Raymist, a writer for the World Zionist Organization, wrote in 1956 in The Jewish Horizon (of the Hapoel Hamizrachi of America Movement) that, “the reasons [for not bringing Ethiopian Jews to Israel] are simple and weighty. On one hand, they are well off where they are, while their development and mental outlook is that of children; they could fall an easy prey of exploitation, if brought here without any preparation. On the other hand, being a backward element, they would be and it would take several years before they could be educated towards a minimum of progressive thinking.”

In an American Association for Ethiopian Jews (AAEJ) press release, the AAEJ quoted its founder, Dr. Graenum Berger, as criticizing those who sought any delay in the rescue of the Beta Israel. Berger declared, “Not when Jews are dying...these revelations show once again that the policy of influencing factions of the government of Israel always have been against the immigration of the Ethiopian Jews. And, the same people who controlled their immigration then are controlling it now. These are the same people who gave instructions to the Israeli Embassy in Ethiopia (1956-1973) not to issue immigration visas to any Jew from Ethiopia.”

Berger himself came under criticism for his outspoken remarks concerning the Israeli efforts to rescue the Beta Israel, showing that nobody was immune from the rhetoric surrounding the issue.

As the facts clearly show: David Icke is an ignorant, lying, fearmongering, hatemongering antisemitic moron............a lying sack of shit.............

“Israel is pursuing a policy of genocide toward the Palestinians that is comparable to the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews.” top

This is perhaps the most odious claim made by Israel’s detractors. The Nazis’ objective was the systematic extermination of every Jew in Europe. Israel is seeking peace with its Palestinian neighbors. More than one million Arabs live as free and equal citizens in Israel. Of the Palestinians in the territories, 98 percent live under the civil administration of the Palestinian Authority. Israeli policies are designed to protect Israeli citizens—Jews and non-Jews—from the incessant campaign of terror. There has never been a plan to persecute, exterminate, or expel the Palestinian people.

In response to one such comparison, by a poet who referred to the “Zionist SS,” The New Republic’s literary editor Leon Wieseltier observed:

The view that Zionism is Nazism—there is no other way to understand the phrase “Zionist SS”—is not different in kind from the view that the moon is cheese. It is not only spectacularly wrong, it is also spectacularly unintelligent. I will not offend myself (that would be self-hate speech!) by patiently explaining why the State of Israel is unlike the Third Reich, except to say that nothing that has befallen the Palestinians under Israel’s control may responsibly be compared to what befell the Jews under Germany’s control, and that a considerable number of the people who have toiled diligently to find peace and justice for the Palestinians, and a solution to this savage conflict, have been Israeli, some of them even Israeli prime ministers. There is no support for the Palestinian cause this side of decency that can justify the locution “Zionist SS.” 41

The absurdity of the charge is also clear from the demography of the disputed territories. While detractors make outrageous claims about Israel committing genocide or ethnic cleansing, the Palestinian population has continued to grow exponentially. In Gaza, for example, the population increased from 731,000 in July 1994 to 1,657,155 in 2011, an increase of 127 percent. The growth rate was 3.2 percent, one of the highest in the world. The total Palestinian population in all the disputed territories (they include Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem) was 1,006,000 in 1950, 1,094,000 in 1970, and grew to 3,736,210 in 2011. 42

“Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is similar to the treatment of blacks in apartheid South Africa.” top

Even before the State of Israel was established, Jewish leaders consciously sought to avoid the situation that prevailed in South Africa. As David Ben-Gurion told Palestinian nationalist Musa Alami in 1934:

We do not want to create a situation like that which exists in South Africa, where the whites are the owners and rulers, and the blacks are the workers. If we do not do all kinds of work, easy and hard, skilled and unskilled, if we become merely landlords, then this will not be our homeland. 36

Today, within Israel, Jews are a majority, but the Arab minority are full citizens who enjoy equal rights and are represented in all the branches of government. Arabs are represented in the Knesset, and have served in the Cabinet, high-level foreign ministry posts (e.g., Ambassador to Finland) and on the Supreme Court.

Under apartheid, skin color determined every aspect of your life from birth until death. Black South Africans could not vote and were not citizens of the country in which they formed the overwhelming majority of the population. Laws dictated where they could live, work, go to school and travel. And, in South Africa, the government killed blacks who protested against its policies. By contrast, Israel allows freedom of movement, assembly and speech. Some of the government’s harshest critics are Israeli Arabs who are members of the Knesset.

“The difference between the current Israeli situation and apartheid South Africa is emphasized at a very human level: Jewish and Arab babies are born in the same delivery room, with the same facilities, attended by the same doctors and nurses, with the mothers recovering in adjoining beds in a ward. Two years ago I had major surgery in a Jerusalem hospital: the surgeon was Jewish, the anaesthetist was Arab, the doctors and nurses who looked after me were Jews and Arabs. Jews and Arabs share meals in restaurants and travel on the same trains, buses and taxis, and visit each other’s homes.

Could any of this possibly have happened under apartheid? Of course not.”

— Benjamin Pogrund 37

The situation of Palestinians in the territories is different. The security requirements of the nation, and a violent insurrection in the territories, forced Israel to impose restrictions on Arab residents of the West Bank and Gaza Strip that are not necessary inside Israel’s pre-1967 borders. Israeli policy is not based on race, but is a result of Palestinian animosity. Palestinians in the territories dispute Israel’s right to exist, whereas blacks did not seek the destruction of South Africa, only the apartheid regime.

If Israel were to give Palestinians full citizenship, it would mean the territories had been annexed. No Israeli government has been prepared to take that step. Instead, through negotiations, Israel agreed to give the Palestinians increasing authority over their own affairs. It is likely that a final settlement will allow most Palestinians to become citizens of their own state. The principal impediment to Palestinian independence is not Israeli policy, it is the unwillingness of the Palestinian leadership to give up terrorism and agree to live in peace beside Israel.

Despite all their criticism, when asked what governments they admire most, more than 80 percent of Palestinians consistently said Israel because they can see up close the thriving democracy in Israel, and the rights the Arab citizens enjoy there. By contrast, Palestinians place Arab regimes, including their own Palestinian Authority, at the bottom. 38

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Fuck the Nazis (Real Nazis are Dead; Stop Prendenting)

Ickes tutor:

David Icke Debunked
[justify]This is 2.5 hour film from Chris White takes a very close look at
David Icke’s history and beliefs. It reveals the true sources of David
Icke’s theories which are often shocking , and should be very
concerning for a genuine seeker of truth. This is a well rounded
expose which is done respectfully, while still attempting to get the
average truther to reevaluate what they really know about the
“endgame” of the Illuminati.

A few of the things covered are:

His connections to Alice Bailey
His channeling several of Bailey’s specific “Ascended Masters” and
them being his lifelong guides.
The “Solar Logos” and “Galactic Logos”
The Seven Ray theory
The source of his galaxy-god to sun-god spiritual evolution is Bailey
The ghost of Carl Sagan
He supports “elite” worship of the sun
His new moon theory is retelling of his earlier crazy version
His moon theory is from Alice Bailey
The “Earth Spirit” or Gaia is from Alice Bailey
His support of Earth Spirit led Genocide
Atlantis and Lemuria
Hitler similarities include, Atlantis, spiritual evolution, arayans,
- Show quoted text -
the moon, hollow earth, Lemuria, contacting ascended masters, taking
drugs to increase the connection, and more.
Icke denounces Bailey and Lucius trust..and implications for him

Chapter 2
Brian Desborough, who is this guy?
Desborough’s crazy unbelievable story
Desborough is the source for a huge amount of material including the reptilians
Desborough introduces Arizona Wilder to Icke
Arizona “made to learn”
Ivan Fraser connection
Desborough writes “Alice in Wonderland”
Arizona’s “Old Ones” are really behind the NWO
Credo Mutwa
Reptilians on Youtube
Shapshifting according to Svali
Desborough’s new Jesus
Babylon supplied by Desborough
Debunking Babylon
David talks to “Jesus”
David has very conflicting views about the crucifixion
Davids claim to be “The Son of God” (actually his claim was that he IS
the second coming of Christ)
Debunking the Zeitgeist version of Jesus
Quick History
Queen of Heaven
Mother and child statues, Jesus and Mary
Dagon fish hat (pope)
Michael Talbot
The Holographic Universe
Holonomic Brain Theory
Sai Baba
The hypnotist that made the man see through his daughter.

Chapter 3
“The Guys.”
What it is
How he does it
Terrence Mckenna’s advice
Same thing with the 2012 history
Photon Belt
Demons in anthropology
Free will
Inspecting David’s testimony for clues
David preaches free will possession
Sleep Paralysis
David loses it in front of a painting
David’s infamous trip to Peru
History of that area of Peru
Ley Lines
Brazil with Ayahuasca
DMT the spirit molecule
The big question about the elves?
We are sitting ducks for the NWO
The REAL plan of the Illuminati.
Spiritual evolution
Promised utopia
ONLY out of the ashes
“Preparations until 2025”
“ Emphasis should be laid on the evolution of humanity.” – Alice Bailey
A deadly utopia for those who wont “evolve”
The paradox solution = The X factor
Alien invasion? intervention?
Religion must die
Saved from the war
The actual plan.

David Icke is a Neo-Nazi (Part Three): My Shadow, or the "Turd in the Punch Bowl"
I have felt, since first hearing of Mr. Icke, that he was put out there to discredit me specifically. His conspiracist sci-fi confabulations, or "research," tracks my own themes (mind control, political assassinations, fascist globalism, etc.) in a grossly distorted form.

He boosted my writing on the Simpson case whole, for instance, and mixed it up, defiled my research, with "Lizard Aliens." He's a repulsive parody of myself ...

I've attempted to read the capricious, wrong-headed "research" of David "Jesus" Icke, and found it an amateurish omelot of used conspiracy theories concocted by the John Birch Society and other far-right groups to discredit legitimate research on fascism, which is inherently conspiratorial. Most people, dumbed down by "mainstream" media, can't tell the difference, and Icke takes advantage of that fact to peddle stupid, far-right conspiracy theories and "alien" invasions.

Icke - who took up conspiracy writing, c. 1990 - about the time the CIA silenced me with constant harassment, torture and death threats - is tailor-made to cast a pall on my own field, my own work, and he's been doing it for years. - AC

" ... The death of Princess Diana? A ritual sacrifice of a moon goddess who had criticized her husband's reptilian royal family (443). ... "


The Robot's Rebellion is a conspiracy theory which claims a group of aliens and well-connected people, called the 'Illuminati', are manipulating and controlling world events with a view to establishing global domination.

One of Icke's main sources is a notorious document called the `Protocols of the Elders of Zion', which he renames `the Illuminati Protocols'. It states that Jews are trying to take over the world, and was used by the Nazis to justify the genocide of 6 million people. The Waffen SS used to carry copies in their knapsacks.

By using this document Icke denies the word of those historians who have demonstrated, beyond doubt, that the Protocols are a forgery. He also gives credence to those groups who still use the Protocols to justify their anti-Semitism. [end quote]

David Icke did extensive damage to the credibility of the Greens with his anti-Semitic writings and claims to be a son of god. His ongoing attempts to gain credibility for himself from his prior association with our party makes the damage all the more egregious and ongoing.
"WAS HITLER A ROTHSCHILD ~ Articles by David Icke WAS HITLER A ROTHSCHILD? by David Icke Official history is merely a veil to hide the truth of what really happened. ... "" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">
Evening Standard (London)
Friday, 26 May, 1995,

The Dark Side of David Icke

He may seem like a harmless eccentric, but, says MARK HONIGSBAUM, some of the views put forward by self-styled guru David Icke, currently lecturing round Britain, are dangerously popular with anti-Semites and neo-Nazis.

It has become fashionable, even among adherents of the New Age, to dismiss David Icke as a crank. For a long time now the former Green Party spokesman and self-styled "Son of God" has been collecting fringe beliefs and theories like other people collect new shoes. UFOs, CIA "mind control", world apocalypse - you name it, David Icke has tried it.

But judging by the response to Icke's current lecture tour of Britain, he is no longer quite the figure of fun he used to be.

At a recent meeting in Glastonbury, for instance, more than 100 people paid 5 pounds each to hear his views. During the lecture, David Taylor, a national spokesman for the Green Party, repeatedly heckled Icke about his use of the notorious anti-Semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Meanwhile, the Jewish Chronicle has been pressing Icke's Bath-based publisher, Gateway, to reveal the truth about the manuscript of his latest book, said to contain offensive revisionary passages about the Holocaust.

Now uncanny parallels are emerging between Icke's thoughts - if that
is not too grand a term for his mishmash of conspiracy theories and
New Age - and the writings of senior figures in the armed militia
movement in America. ...
David Icke, the Reptilian Infiltration, and the Limits of Science Fiction
By James Trimarco
2 April 2007

... The author goes on to postulate a race of reptilians that has controlled human society from its very beginning. These beings, which Icke calls by the Sumerian[3] word "Anunnaki," infiltrate human society through interbreeding with humans and placing their crossbred offspring into roles of power in human society. The evidence he offers to support this claim, as the late conspiracy expert Bill Keith has pointed out, is hardly of academic quality. The evidence ranges from crackpot etymology (vampires are reptilians because "Dracula" sounds like "Draco" and so on) to references to books that have been repeatedly debunked by scientific experts. Keith characterizes Icke's scholarly methodology as "Believe every goddamn weird thing anybody, anywhere ever said."

The poor quality of Icke's scholarship should be obvious to any reader with a middle-school education, and yet his work resonates with many people. A closer investigation into Icke's vision of Anunnaki infiltration helps to explain the appeal his writings have for his small but loyal group of followers. For Icke, the story of human enslavement by reptilian forces begins about 450,000 years ago. Paraphrasing a translation of a Sumerian tablet by the controversial Orientalist Alexander Sitchin, Icke describes the arrival of the Anunnaki in Africa for the purpose of mining gold. At first, the Anunnaki roped their own working classes into laboring in these mines, but later they developed humanity as a slave race through genetic engineering (6). While the original purpose of humanity's creation involved the exploitation of human labor, Icke argues that the Anunnaki have other, darker uses for human beings. Throughout The Biggest Secret, Icke points to the bloodiest and most difficult chapters in human history and blames each one on Anunnaki scheming. Human sacrifice? Demanded by reptilian overlords (38). British colonialism? Designed to wipe out indigenous knowledge and replace it with propaganda and mind-control (129).

The death of Princess Diana? A ritual sacrifice of a moon goddess who had criticized her husband's reptilian royal family (443). ...
Closing Comments: Don't Drink the Punch.

Do my comments and sources constitute an "ad hominem" attack? - yep-yep. I have no problem with calling people vile names so long as they are backed by real facts, not misbegotten impressions of the sort "AdamS," who opened this discussion, brought to me. If the shoe fits ...

Since part one, "AdamS" has commented that my response is largely "guilt by association" - but anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial are not guilt by association. Neither is publishing in Neo-Nazi publications, something I'd never do in five million years. Spotlight? Exposure? That makes him one of them, not tangentially "associated" but in the Nazi camp. Only a rank amateur or "fellow traveller" would accuse me of "ad hominem" and "guilt by association" here. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion? Lizards from the fourth-dimension? How stupid does it have to get before his readers question this crap? What's next? The Protocols of Satanic, Jewish Gay Clowns from the Dog Star?

I'm an anti-nazi who exposes the Holocaust. My Birchite "shadow" is a neo-nazi who denies it. There is no common ground here, and anyone who calls Icke - as a publisher in Santa Barbara once did - "the British Alex Constantine," is a hopeless nutter. I once heard a 9/11 researcher interviewed on NPR refer to Icke as a "turd in the punchbowl." Drink at your own discretion, but know what you're swallowing.

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Re: Survivors mark 'Australia's Pearl Harbour'

Post  true lilly on Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:34 pm

Darwin: Talking heads chat in minute's silence

THE Governor-General Quentin Bryce and the Prime Minister
Julia Gillard have both been accused of talking through the minute's
silence during the memorial for the 70th anniversary of the Bombing of

Punters started commenting on the NT News Facebook page after other readers
had complained directly to this paper about Ms Bryce.

Heather Malcolm said she saw both the ladies talking.

In agreement was Alana Chapman who said she saw Ms Bryce and Ms Gillard
talking and said they should be able to show respect and not talk.

Others agreed.

"She was talking to the Prime Minister. Very disgraceful and disrespectful,"
Darren Becker said.

Your Say

"Put two chicks next to each other and they'll fill a silence. Probably discussing shoes."

"Yep. Saw them talking, very disrespectful," Jenn Cameron said.

Debbie Holland joked about the Prime Minister's troubled reign.
"Maybe she was asking Julia if she wanted an appointment at the lodge
to dissolve parliament,"
she said.

While Haley Roddy said there were a lot of people talking through it.
"Not good,"
she said.

Amy Thompson lamented a trend.
"Seems to be the norm these days, the number of parents I see
talking their way through our national anthem at school assembly every week,"
she said.

"No bloody wonder the kids have no respect."

But Dimity Jessup said she didn't see the Governor-General or the Prime
Minister talking however there were many behind her talking, with phones

The NT News put call into the offices of both the Governor-General and and Prime Minister but received no response.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Governor-General Quentin Bryce

at the Bombing of Darwin ceremony on the Esplanade.
Picture: PATRINA
Woe to you who are despoiling,
without you yourself being despoiled,
and to you who are dealing treacherously,
without [others] having dealt treacherously with you!
As soon as you have finished as a despoiler,
you will be despoiled.
As soon as you have done with dealing treacherously,
they will deal treacherously with you.

Isaiah 33

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Re: Survivors mark 'Australia's Pearl Harbour'

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