being homeless in a city

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being homeless in a city

Post  daddlepoms on Fri Feb 24, 2012 8:46 am

there once was an inn a merry old in beneath an old grey hill & the water ran through the inn at an alarming rate, then one day & old girl with a pipe in her hand started to cough & hack, she coughed & hacked for 3 years wondering why she was so sick. & the neighbors cats were unhealthy do to the infestation of spirs around the spot.

then one day a old man's nose started to bleeed as he had a cigarette & thought weird. So in the mean time someone conplained about the puddle of water in his floor. He opened it up & found mushrooms & tree fungus all throughout & he knew this wasn't a good sign.

So he told the lady with the hack & she called her wiccan shrub toaster, & the shrub toaster flew over & said, oh no, you got spellz, you gotta get out of here, these spellz are bad.

so they buckled up & went over the river & beyiond the hill & far & a way & settled on Pooh shire where there is much honey & pork rinds

& the in got burned to destroy the spellz

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