Breaking Droink Is Dead...!!!

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Breaking Droink Is Dead...!!!

Post  That Damned Sod...!!! on Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:57 pm

Breaking Droink Is Dead...!!!

It Is With Great Sorrow That We Have To Announce That Droinke Has Passed Away Peacefully...

While He Was Strolling Around The Pennine Way, In His Gimp Suit,

He Slipped On A Banana Peel And Landed On An Orange And A Bottle Of Old Spice...

The Bottle Of Old Spice Got Lodged In His Anus...And He Choked To Death On The Orange...

It's What He Would Have Wanted...

He Leaves A Fictional Canadian Wife And A House Full Of Tat In Stoke On Trent...

All Donations To Be Forewarded To The Hagbard Celine Ex Hospital Porters Fund...

Jedward Have Wrote A Funeral Dirge...

lmao rolf lmao
That Damned Sod...!!!

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Re: Breaking Droink Is Dead...!!!

Post  Cigar on Sun Apr 01, 2012 8:36 am

Haha lmao

Funny thread Sod, you do come up with some hilarious ideas...

I better be careful what I say as I don't want to piss Drake off. Me and him have been getting on fine since I came back.

I like the picture though of the gimp suit, where on earth you got it from I have no idea lol!

Very original thumbs up

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