Charles Manson At 77...!!!

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Charles Manson At 77...!!!

Post  That Damned Sod...!!! on Thu Apr 05, 2012 7:16 pm

Charles Manson At 77...!!!

Friday April 6,2012
By Peter Sheridan

THE face of evil has softened with age.
The dark brown eyes no longer burn with contempt, the jaw is no longer clenched in rage.
Gone is the shaved head and close-cropped beard he sported when last seen three years ago.
Today, with his long white hair and bushy beard, Charles Manson looks disturbingly like a down-on- his-luck Father Christmas.
Only the crude swastika carved by Manson into his forehead decades ago warns those who might forget: this is one of the most chilling killers in American history.

“I’m an outlaw,” he told an earlier parole hearing.
“I’m a gangster and I’m bad and I’m all the things that I want to be.
I’m pretty free with myself.
I cut people and I shoot them and I do whatever I have to survive in the world I live in.”

And next week may be his last chance to walk free.

What A Whiney Little Bitch...!!!

Why Haven't That Stupid Little Loudmouth Been Taken Out Yet...

Some Of His Stuff Is Quite Interesting Though...But He's Stuck In The '60's...

How Many Bad-Asses Are There In Prison...All Of Them...Weeping Into Their Pillows At Night...

Give Me Simon Cowell...A Shrewd Badass, That Can Really Make Or Break People...

A Pantomime Villian In A Mansion...

That Has A Cleaner And A Maid...!!!

Charlies Angels Was A Bit Derivative Though...

And Probably Gave That Nutter The Last Hard-on He Had In 40 Years Of Prison...!!!

He Is Gonna Die There...Not As A Broken Man...But As A Yesterday Man...

sn vio sn vio sn vio
That Damned Sod...!!!

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Re: Charles Manson At 77...!!!

Post  Cigar on Fri Apr 06, 2012 4:44 pm

He looks well old now Shocked

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