User 'unaperry' is some sort of spam artist...

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User 'unaperry' is some sort of spam artist...

Post  Cigar on Thu Apr 19, 2012 1:31 pm

I saw this earlier on, that unaperry person has joined here and keeps spamming some rubbish URL over and over...

Waste of time, like I'm even gonna attempt to look at that crap site or whatever.

I notice that they had posted a few earlier on and it kind of made this place look like a bag of shit rolling pin

I gather from looking just now that Sod has decided to delete their spam rubbish. Not surprised really, when this happens usually on forums then I think it's wise for the owner to delete all that crap.

I used to be an admin for a while with this mate of mine on a forum, the forum was a bit crap but to be honest when my mate couldn't be bothered to use it anymore because the novelty wore off along came the spammer people and spammed the shit outta it until you couldn't see what the normal posts were anymore.

It did get quite rediculous after a while, just cheap ass URLs and garbage words being used over and over. The people behind it must be pretty sad really thumbs down

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