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Emperor Joshua Norton I...

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Emperor Joshua Norton I

In 1859, Joshua Abraham Norton declared himself Emperor of these United States.

During his benevolent reign, in addition to issuing numerous proclamations and printing his own currency, Emperor Norton became a bastion of sanity during San Francisco's anti-Chinese riots when he singlehandedly stopped a murderous mob from burning down Chinatown by blocking them in the middle of the street,
bowing his head, and reciting the Lord's Prayer.

The mob reportedly disbanded in shamefaced silence.

Mark Twain is said to have based the character of the Duke in Huckleberry Finn on Emperor Norton,
who even corresponded with Abraham Lincoln and Queen Victoria.

When the Emperor died in 1880,
tens of thousands of people showed at his funeral to pay their respects.
In the twentieth century,
the founders of Discordianism would declare Emperor Norton a saint,
and commanded in the Principia Discordia that everyone should live like Emperor Joshua Norton I.

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