Only Anonymous Cowards Hide Their Faces

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Only Anonymous Cowards Hide Their Faces

Post  Stevie the Fox on Sat May 05, 2012 10:10 am

The efforts of the Movement otherwise known as “Anonymous” has been somewhat effective in stifling big bankers and hacking into big corporations’ web sites, however, and this is rather mountainous however, it remains innocuous because common sense tells you that you can’t have a new liberating free society without a leader. Democracy will always fail inevitably. Most of these people in Anonymous support Ron Paul, which is a hypocritical admission that they do want a leader, yet in Donald Marshall’s testimony Ron Paul is just another flavor in the Illuminati Theatre. He’s the upholding Constitution, conviction, bring our country back to the good old days prop, lol. You should read Donald’s testimony on the Paultard. He likes to enjoy his cloned sexual fantasies just as much as any of the other rotten celebs. Yet, Donald’s cry for help has been circulating the Internet for over four months now, and what has Anonymous done about it? Well, a couple may have friended him on Facebook, but have continued to lurk cowardly in the shadows. Why haven’t they outright made this the number one priority to not only free Donald but thwart the Illuminati? Donald’s testimony is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, it is the catalyst that bursts open the dam to revolution, yet Anonymous remains paralysed, innocuous and utterly and shamefully ineffective.

So what are they supporting? Where are they going?

Their main problem is they have no direction and they are bent on destruction rather than construction. They are afraid so they think mass numbers wearing masks will bolster their courage - safety in numbers. They play the Tor IP game - duck, dodge, hide from the boogie men. Yet, everything that is hidden will be exposed, even these “do-gooders”. They justify their cowardice in trying to convince themselves of the integrity they have, lol - what a joke.

I’ve chatted with one of their influential spokespersons recently. Our latest dialogue ending like this... “you anaon losers will never get anywhere without me.” She told me “your ego's writing cheques your body can't cash, screw you!.”

Well perhaps she is right, I do have a big ego, but I also have a webpage where I regularly post my face and type my name and give my address and phone number, and I make a bold display of eradicating the Illuminati. It’s almost as is my right to do so and they know it....hmmm...

I have a constructive plan and the Vision for the future to usher in world peace, they don’t.

Perhaps they are jealous.
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Re: Only Anonymous Cowards Hide Their Faces

Post  Lady Tis-Shine on Mon May 07, 2012 8:21 am

The biggest Anon Coward on the internet is Droike, and be careful with personal details to him.
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