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Post  That Damned Sod...!!! on Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:53 pm

Long Scamming...

For Example DIF...

Join It In 2010...Make Some Inane Comments About The NWO And The Illuminati...

+1 etc...

Make Freinds Through PM...

Set Up A Website Using Your Conspiracy Freinds...

Ask For Money...To Run The Website, To Save Someone From Cancer, As Donations To Keep The Info Flowing...

Receive Money...

Rinse And Repeat On Mumsnet...!!!

Man WhaT A Scam...!!!

cthulhu cthulhu cthulhu
That Damned Sod...!!!

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Re: SCAMMInG..!!

Post  Billy Ruben on Sun Jun 10, 2012 1:46 am

I tried to set up a fund raiser using your forum,the The Save Billys Arse Appeal,I tried to get others to help pay for my hide-out back in 2010,go overseas incognito in The pay for drugs and food.

In return,a great paranoid daily ramblings as my mind further corroded and splintered over deep unresolved heartaches,with death of furry cat,horny niece,broken relationship,police intervention and corruption.
I'm glad not one gave a cent let alone the steam of their piss.

I would'nt have made it and if others realised they funded my death,they'd feel a bit guilty.

How come you did'nt donate,all my enemies,combined,would've made at least 20,000 Euro to get fucked up on.

Billy Ruben

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