DrTuri ,Look pal ...Things are changing in this poof movement of false promises

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DrTuri ,Look pal ...Things are changing in this poof movement of false promises

Post  mervyn_perving on Mon Aug 27, 2012 9:10 am

DrTuri ,You should be dead ,no ifs and buts ,You a shambles ,Do you beleive that ugly fucker Icke Beadle ,Is a man with your best intrests at heart??

This is goes to anyone ,All of you lame poofta supporting this prick ,I will kill any Icke fan who stays faithful to him and funds his seedy lifestyle

David Icke is a animal ,Kerrry his daughter who wait till you hear this ,Ask her father called they feed a bag of carrots,turnips and perfermed cigarette butts to the shetland pony that resided down the lane past the gates ,

Sure Kerry ,I seen the evilness in his face ,Once again Icke wasnt the centre of attention ,His daughter forgot just 1 sec who god is .

David ,Fuming jumped off the swinging hamock in the conserve ,gripped Kerry's hair with such a force ,the kid had a crop circle alopecia operation ,well so dave convinced his servents in isle of w.

He dragged her round where the sheland pony grazed the grass........All he was singing was LITTLE DONKEY CARRY MARY DOWN THE DUSTY ROAD

The Pony looked round to ICKE for some healing and a stroke and to my dispair ,David threw a haymaker with such passion and intent

he decapiated the ponys head clean of it neck ,The head went flying into the atmsophere ,Then he goes "KEN BIGLEY AT LEAST GROVELLED"

he this evil beast ripped the legs apart ,The horror made Kerry come on his First real period ,One without force from PAPA ,Did dave show INFINITE LOVE

No ,He pole axed her with another trademark nazi hook ,She didnt flinch ,She was gushing more ambrosia then jordan ,But with no philip schofield to get viewers pity of like peter angay

He dipped into the inner recess of the recess and pulled out his nerf gun ,FUCK A SNAP BACK WE USE A SNAP ON


he inserted the foam up her pussy ,Once again as she moaned "BRUNO ,FRANK ,BLACK AND DECKER" as all daves wifes do ,his whole hareem love franks

big dick.

anyway ....... As he brainwashed her to beleive the pony tried to attack her and bite her face off , he once again came off like mother theresa

all the kin folk was saying ahhh, whose the hero ,look at all that blood.

she want upstairs and stuck Davids xmas gift ,A nick TESLA powered vibrator up her anus and the the vibe didnt trip out after 30 minutes of action

no over ride switch ,which left her looking like a cross between the inside of a cement mixer ,Rocky dennis and simon weston.

She bored right thru her body as she was in exstacy ,she is made from stickle bricks now ,she is a cyborg.

Robbie williams was downstairs sticking flaming ,smoking cotton buds in his japs eyes ,to show David that he was burning the shit residue from Rik Clays anus away...

ONCE AGAIN DAVID KICKS OFF IN A HISSY FIT ,Howls of laughter from the KEITH CHEGWIN and ROY CASTLE ,laugging at david trying

to work his cock pump ,He needs support when inflated his cock ,One hand cannot get him up ,the whole manison was lauging there tits off



he stormed up stairs to kerry's boudaire ,and as she was smouldering in the corner in bits of ash ,he retraced the nerf Foam

a red soaked nerf foam

Put in his mouth and vapourished the whole cartridge ,he smoked her and said ,Ive had enough IM GETTING NO THANKS ANYMORE ,i cant do it

sulky dave went to back garden and pounded sand .. broke his hand and said

AM USAIN BOLT ,U BOLT cos the guys who found me raping tehre kids on pottys ,mangled my hand in a U BOLT BENDER...

so all you bastards that support this threadt ,think again

I WILL KILL U (or not care and be truth wen u die)

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