Star Junior Seau and O.J. Murdock Suicides

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Star Junior Seau and O.J. Murdock Suicides

Post  drturi on Thu Sep 27, 2012 10:17 pm

For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; For those who do not, none will ever suffice…
Dr. Turi

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Dear Readers:

My line of work demands well applied criticism but not from certain people like James Randi or atheists, agnostics and scientists young souls alike... Indeed Astropsychology can and will bring light in the understanding of what Neptunian souls *religious, psychics and mediums are all about. One thing is sure, depraved of Cosmic Consciousness in no way can anyone (educated or not) auto-analyze himself, drive, fate and actions accurately. Close to nothing do science and psychics/mediums intertainers know of the Cosmic Code jurisdictions regulating the human psyche and, to some unlucky souls, this ignorance can and will become lethal.
Back in May 2012 I wrote Why NFL Star Junior Seau Committed suicide? and Why NFL Star Junior Seau Committed suicide? Part 2 then many months later CNN posted the true values of Astropsychology still perceived as "pseudo-science" by the scientific community. Indeed I wish I had the wasted money spent on his brain by science for my schools instead...OMG! have mercy on your children's educated ignorance...

Autopsy: No apparent damage to Seau's brain

While my supporters as always rejoice of the fact that I am CNN before CNN my skeptical enemies lost yet another battle against me...Other famous psychic heads .i.e. John Edward and Theresa Caputo Is Psychic Theresa Caputo For Real? would rather deceive an uneducated mass speaking to the dead instead of educating the living of the reasons of their loved ones death to avoid it. But with so little to none information on the subject how can anyone blame the flock of deceived people wanting to connect with their departed ones? The fact is all the psychics need is a good intuition, good observation skills and most of all the gift of the gab... Born Deceptive Neptunian Psychics

L'oeil du droit a la force d'Airain

But faced with the real gifted thing the spiritualists "experts" do not want to have anything to do with you because their Neptunian, deceptive, illusive trade is no match for Dr. Turi who own and use his wide open 3rd eye... There is nothing to gain dealing with death but a short lived emotional support at the expense of reopening deep wounds that only time can heal. It is also a very dangerous game where the "medium" is not always educated of the evil forces stirred from the eternal supra-conscious in time and space.

NOTE; You have been banned. We thank you. John Edward

It seems some famous people feel really threatened by real wisdom after watching some of my videos on YouTube...
You dead relatives (and pets) have better things to do that to hang around the low astral plane looking for John Edward or Theresa Caputo to "connect" with them for you. Once disembodied the spirit upgrade to a much higher level in eternal dimensional worlds where no human sense can reach or deal with. But as you read before, in the battle between deep emotions and logic, emotions will always win and this mean 99.09% of an uneducated world will pay a fortune to get deceived in return but they don't care because they, like their spiritualist "vibrates" at their Neptunian level.

As much as the Muslims are promised dozens of virgins, or a wonderful paradise world await the Christian after their death John Edward or Theresa Caputo endorse the same Neptunian principle to make the impossible believable and make you feel better afterwards... There is no way in a million years these Neptunium born elites can even realize or auto analyze themselves and actions. The same principle apply for all of them; starting from your local church minister to Joe Osteen's hypnotized religiously poisoned mass. But my complex work is not designed or easily assimilated by "Joe Six Packs" his wife friends and children...Indeed a good junk of the moronic mass is not directly related to Einstein making my mission to free humanity from fears and ignorance, somehow impossible. So let's talk to the remaining 1% of a unique breed of curious spiritually advanced human beings about yet another of my prediction involving "an upsurge of suicide." NFL player's death ruled suicide

May God Bless Your Soul
O.J. Murdock Born 02/15/1987 in Tampa Florida - Died 07/30/2012 at 25.

Yes I warned the world on Coast to Coast am with George Noory and other radio/TV shows so many times of "the Change of Guards" that took place August 30th 2012 and mentioned a serious increase in suicides...Yes the Army and Navy are feeling the impact of this predictions with young soldiers killing themselves at a record speed! I wish I could reach the media with my work Warning Scorpius Dragon Has Arrived! but Neptune's children deceptive power rules for now and I can only deal with the 1% left willing to learn and learn all about the Cosmic Code jurisdictions.

O.J. Murdock had it all, fame, wealth, respect, love but he was born with the moon (emotions) right on his 8th house of death and to make the situation worse, very close to his nefarious Dragon's Tail. Furthermore when he passed away 07/30/2012 he was under one of his "Unlucky window dates" and with his natal Neptune positioned in his subconscious 12th house he suffered a form of uncontrollable panic dementia where only death seems to be the only way out of an incredible crucifying mental torment.
But regardless, anyone's top achievements will never match the power of depressive Neptune added to other malicious celestial configurations the scientific community is still oblivious of. This is what an unconscious Church classified as demonic possession where they "prescribe" exorcism...

The majority of the victims of Neptune were born with a very sensitive UCI and strongly recommended to stay miles away any form of drugs and from any psychics seances. I am not sure how aware John Edward or Theresa Caputo are on the astral planes, hypnotherapy or the supra-conscious forces at work but what I can guarantee the reader is; they both are depraved of Cosmic Consciousness and have no clues on how the human psyche respond to the jurisdictional Cosmic Code...

Well after the seances are over, many born Neptunian victims will suffer a variety of "psychic Accidents" but this unknown fact will not stop John Edward or Theresa Caputo to continue their tour making millions of dollars "entertaining" people at the expenses of their own mental health. But to date, there is no "psychic FDA" per say only Dr. Turi warning you of the real risks involved and the fact is those who pretend to help you can and will kill you. James Ray sentenced to two years in prison

O.J. could not regenerate his body mind and soul and drugs can only make the situation worse but he was already set by his stars to become a victim. The fact is many public servants who committed suicide so far passed the psychological test and were all fitted to serve. Incidentally the "educated" doctors send them all straight to death knowing nothing of the Cosmic Code and how it afflicts the human psyche. This really tells you how much logic is involved in my "pseudo-science" independent research... Neptune's favorite toy to kill human is legal or illegal drugs and they are readily available and there is no end of famous human supply either 'Sons of Anarchy' actor found dead. But those celebrities make it to CNN and represent only the tip of the iceberg, while normal everyday people are dying at an alarming rate.

Like all his famous predecessors O.J. could only seek help with traditionally educated doctors who added more poison to his psyche with a regiment of anti depressants ET VOILA! The same apply for our soldiers, police officers, coast guards, border patrol and all government workers because they have FREE unlimited access to the Neptunian poison with insurances many do not have or can not afford. This tell you of the future damage if Obama succeed with his plan to nationalize insurances. Talk about mind control turning the 99.09% into obedient, ignorant medicated zombies... Yes the other 99.09% have yet to learn there is a big difference between education and intelligence.

But because you are a doctor does not mean you know what you are doing or be 100% trusted. Ask any PhD's about UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” and the louder they laugh the heavier are your chances of dying trusting their diagnostic and prognostics. Remember the core of a baffled science wasted tons of tax dollars to finally agree with me many months later! "Autopsy: No apparent damage to Seau's brain"

Again my dear 1% reading audience, you may not be rich and famous but if you decide to deal with me and order any of my services I will not kill you and chances are you will, like many other satisfied clients endorse my work!
As always keep in mind that those who are supposed to be the elites in their particular field are usually those who knows the least because...

In the absence of Cosmic Consciousness; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just cosmic circumstances the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.
- Dr.Turi

Lastly you are on this earth to experience the spirit trapped in a human physical envelop, make the most of it and do not worry about death because so far no one ever comeback from the dead and this mean it must be a real fun place to be. Do not worry or try to communicate with the dead, they are in a much better place where God made sure, you will join them all in time. Do let anyone playing with your fragile psyche because its all an act where the true essence of the divine is missing. There is NO future in your past, there is nothing to gain in the underworld rules by Pluto (The Lord of Hades) - Stay in the now, focus on your future because, with the right education you can make it AS YOU WISH!

Do not play with the dark forces you and your spiritualist do not understand, stay in the light instead because all the dead are screaming from the Abyss to look above in the stars, where God resides for the answers...

If you are not happy it is because you are not following your destiny -

The next Full Moon in Pisces promises to be quite interesting for the Middle East/Terrorism developments and if you are a VIP this is what you are currently reading/viewing on the Cosmic Code website.

Full Moon - September 30, 2012 in Pisces / Aries: This upcoming trend will be tough for many. With Mars in Scorpio (power/sex/drama/death) avoid confrontations and be aware of accidents. Be ready for serious news involving the Dow Jones/stock Market and coming from the banking industry in the near future. With fanatic Pluto (death) in Capricorn (politics) a new and disturbing development with Asia and the Middle East is to be expected. Iran leader talks Israel, slams homosexuality in interview Anticipate a negative development pertaining to religion, oil spills or explosions, even terrorist activity, to take place in the near future in the US or supporting countries. Excommunication for Mormon blogger? Sad news from Switzerland and Germany is ahead of us too. Be ready for devastating forces producing destructive weather and flooding in different parts of the world. Do not lose faith in the future; we all must go on. The stars are a reflection of God and his Divine plan for all of us and we must go through with it. Do not lose faith, but expect dramatic news, explosions and wars.

So now stand by reader and read the news in a few days on CNN...


While I can not offer everything for free I am INVITING ONLY THIS GROUP "VIP&STUDENTS TALK" offering them ALL with the option to join me in the Cosmic Code website in my chat room Sunday night September 30th 7 PM AZ time to talk about dream interpretations, UFO, the Supra-conscious, the cosmic code and offer mini readings and predictions for all signs. All others simply enjoy, learn and read, become a silent participant because what ever I will say will also touch you if you happen to be born under a specific Zodiacal sign...

This type of meeting has always been not only very busy but quite interesting and time consuming too. Thus like last time, I will stay in the chat-room for as long as I can, then Terania will take over with her own blessings. Because the technology is not yet set to talk and see all of you at the same time, all will be done by typing. Yes Tom is working on the best of the best technological goodies so we can all do this LIVE in the future. Thus the rules are the same, be decent, be patient, don't rush, formulate your question in a very short sentence, add your DOB and wait for your turn. The Chat-room is always open so you can start talking to each others until I take over. Read and learn from each others and do not be afraid to make notes so you may be asked to jump in the conversation if your question or explanation is valuable for us all.

In the newsletter titled "John Edward and Theresa Caputo Neptunian Gifts" my warnings of the possibility of psychic accidents could be erroneously translated as people always assume anything if they are unable to catch the legitimacy of my message. Thus by offering some of you real "psychic readings" next Sunday night I am also giving you the option to judge the difference between pure imagination and divine cosmic information. Yes you all know Dr. Turi always put the green where is mouth is...


So be prepared to set some time aside for next Sunday night Cosmic Coders and let's have fun...

If you are not happy it is because you are not following your destiny -

If you missed them check my latest You Tube Videos

Dr. Turi Cosmic Code Reality part 1/2/3 -


And my personal message to the world -

If you can find a use for my talent simply email me at

If you host an event, if you are a journalist, a radio or TV host, a blogger, own a magazine, write for a newspaper have a website I am open for interview and all my articles are available to each and every one of you to edit and use as needed. Please refer my work and I to anyone that needs ratings and a great show! Also a special thanks to George Noory and ALL the media people that already have (and still) offer me the opportunity to reach more people furthering my message to the world!

My website is getting million hits a month, thanks to all of you. Thus my predictions are slowly getting everywhere and this could never be without your participation from this "special list." Note; while this list is purposely made up of a variety of people from all walks of life many of you own a strong position of influence in the media. For many weeks now I gave you the opportunity to check on my work and if you trust I own a part of the mysterious puzzle we call life please consider having me as a guest or generate an article about my methodology. Times are changing fast and questions need answers outside of religious or scientific accepted "box" mentality. I am always in demand but ready to help those you are in a position of reaching and growing and help them to regenerate mentally and spiritually.

I want to take this opportunity to warmly thanks all the great people skeptical or not because we are all only human born to learn and grow. Once more thanks to ALL the special people and those in the media to have me on their radio/TV shows as a regular guest and ask you to do all you can to become a silent or open element by promoting my work. You are ALL a GREAT and VITAL part of my fate and helping me in my mission to free humanity from fears and ignorance.

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Note I will be posting the full elaborated 2012 October forecast for my VIP on the Cosmic Code soon...

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What do I get if I become a VIP Cosmic Coder? Free mini readings and so much more...


Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi

Note I will be posting the full October forecast for my VIP on the Cosmic Code soon...


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