Justin Bieber and milk, are you that gullible?

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Justin Bieber and milk, are you that gullible?

Post  drturi on Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:49 pm

The Stars and Fate of Justin Bieber
When pop stars barf, fall, flub on stage
If you think milk is to blame you are so innocent readers.... You will be surprised to read the facts I will expose soon about his fate and the sharks around him because if you own Cosmic Consciousness the stars will never lie to you! Being a Cosmic Coder mean knowing the truth a corrupted press or unconscious CNN christian writers crowd can never expose to the media. The sad reality is the mass of hysterical preteens who adores the young gifted artist have no clue of what an innocent Justin is about to endure because of the greedy Plutonic adults souls in charge of every breaths he takes and every millions he makes. This newsletter will be hard to accept for many as I will disclose what's truly going on in this recording industry business. Yes I was a recording artist myself for many years and in my case my story and failure had a very lucky ending for me. Thus if you are in this field, aiming to be an artist, an actor or in Hollywood my wisdom can and will spare you trouble and in most cases .ie. Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and so many others, your LIFE!.
Go to to http://www.drturi.com/newsletters/ to read the rest of the story...."Justin Bieber and milk, are you that gullible?"


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