Davey Icke refuse's to get on his knees at a school xmas play

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Davey Icke refuse's to get on his knees at a school xmas play

Post  mervyn_perving on Thu Oct 18, 2012 2:55 pm

Me and my mate Icke both share a common interest in female's ,We both despise them .Him more than me it seems .Once again
Icke is giving me more reasons to validate my suspicions in his hatred of woeman ,Like i say i pick up on things and being fatherless myself (I had a dad but
Mother Merv made him small and weak so he was useless and masterbation and mushies was the father figure i had at 7) i had to get up off the knees manytimes after mothers relentless beatdown's and name calling (Stutter rap and pindick).

David with more cryptic clues sent to me today via his headlines news saying he's had enuff of the abuse ,I say ban merlnofixedabode then ill stop the bullying of you .

I admire you being cast as tree that would not be cut down in the play at school ,i admire you having the balls to stand up and refuse to be small in front of al them single mothers.

Only you sir have the balls to show this penis enviers what for using the flirty aspects of a censor sticker on a book.jew dick you got no foreskin or did you peel it back to make you look small .pin dick.

in my school play i was kast as king herod ,ive never gone down but ive put many woeman down 3 times divorced no donate button just gene rev


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