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Post  mervyn_perving on Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:57 pm

Because sexual fornication is a sin we have been branded by our Mother to have the mark of the beast on us.The bellybutton is the sign of the "Whore of babylon" and the mark of the beast that some bastards thing the microchip is when we get chipped after the depopulation agenda.Nope the bellybutton is the 666 stamp and the proof that the female felled the creator and ruined the planet of kindmen.The Woeman has the vagina which is defo got be the "All seeing eye".scary init Lucifer/Prometheous was punished for eternity after making an animal become a thinking concious being.After he stole the fire from zeus (Saturn) and made man aware, giving us a spark from venus(soul).Zeus chained Prometheous to a rock and (Bellybutton??) had an eagle peck away at his liver for eternity.Surely this is symbolic of the mark of the beast (Bellybuttton).


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