Hi (i was banned from DI for stating DI is a freemason cu*t!)

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Hi (i was banned from DI for stating DI is a freemason cu*t!)

Post  the Brut on Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:16 am

Hi All and sorry to start my new forum membership with talk of the worst Brut of them all, a man who has made money by lies and luck..
My post yesterday(I was Screechy), on the DI forum called "David Icke is a freemason cu*t" got me banned, I knew this would happen but I did it any way, now I have my chance to post which was taken down by DI admin, in a made panic.......

If this is all wrong or fake what ever, why wont, DI admin allow you to post this type of thing on the DI forum?

1. This is all true and they don't want any one to know the truth?
2. They want a Right wing power system, where they decide on what we read and know?

The answer is one or two! you decide................... cheers

If you google:

"Ryde lodge 698 D icke"

This comes up in the serch resalts:

Ryde Lodge Of Angels
rydelodge698.blogspot.co.uk/ShareThe Ryde lodge No 698 was the last Lodge to be made under the The Provincial ... D.Icke W.Bro.Rev.J.Harvey W.Bro.I.Preece* also other brothers from visiting ...


Ickes name is on there hidden click on the Ryde lodge new web site and highlight the page like you are about to copy and past it and Ickes name is on there.


While there Click on the Link in the side bar which says;The Real picture that was copied http://037462887.blogspot.co.uk/

See the picture of david icke!!



David Icke Hacked phone about making the a new pic to try and cover up the one that was found.

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