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HSHITO radio

Post  TEAM DROIKE on Sun Mar 31, 2013 6:33 am

Just read this on the fat controllers forum

the fat controller wrote: I average several thousand live listeners who tune in at some time, not that thy stay listening for the whole show.

drfoster wrote:23 people in total accessed the site during your show. Out of the 23 you peaked at 21 at the same time and averaged 17. A far cry from several thousand but don't be disheartened as from what I've seen you have the biggest audience for the shows even if it is 23.


Did he really believe he had thousands of listeners i wonder.

I see tiswas is raving about handbags rants. Why don't you charge more than £5 she asks. Well he does not set the price and he dose not get paid. I don't think you know whats going on tiswas. These are small groups of woo woo's who hire out church halls etc and charge each other £3-£5 to cover the hire cost and the tea and biscuits.


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