Happy Birthday True Lilly,52 or 53 ?

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Happy Birthday True Lilly,52 or 53 ?

Post  Billy Ruben on Sun May 12, 2013 11:28 am

Happy Birthday True Lilly...
You old goat.
Over the years,True Lilly,Ciggy and Myself have had wonderful insightful discussions with this doggard God spruiker from Ballarat.No matter how much logic defied her argument,like her faith in the Creator,she never waivered or faltered.Or listened.She was that old bitty,that belted you,if you rode the pedestrian walkways on a skateboard,the type of neighbor who poisoned your dog,if it pissed on your lawn,the one who would ring your wife and inform her of your affairs,no wonder at times,you wanted to kill her.I sent her many messages by txt as motivations,death threats designed to make her more situationally and psychically aware.We were good for each other like that,making each other more skilled at combat and training for that inevitable showdown of Good Vs Evil.

Anyways,it's time to give you the acknowledgement that you deserve and to answer that timeless mystery,who done it,who bombed your car and failed to impregnated your dog cause it's male (Our Intell was a bit askew on that one),stole your polyp samples so you'd worry about cancer,put child porn on yor PC,grew dope in your garage and introduced your sons to North Korean Agents with a suicide bomber fetish...they might visit surprisingly tonight for supper,with a special cake....A Le Bombe.

All sponsored and payed for by this well known international playboy and closet terrorist,that made his fortunes on Dutch tobacco and Nazi Gold hidden in Swiss dog kennels with cloned copies of Hitlers dog,Blondie.

Tintin and his International Cabal Of Inept Assassins.You were right,we are all empty vacuous vessels of our Dark Lord and Master with his little white minion of a dog.

Miss you honey and that revengeful God of yours that I suffered from and fell foul of quite a few times,but without you to counter my demons,Cthulhu reigns supreme and will continue to do so,until True Lilly The Lamb comes back.So for now,God is dead...Hooray for Satan !!!!

satan adolf cheers cthulhu

fup dogshag

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