When you start speaking truth expect to be hated!

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When you start speaking truth expect to be hated!

Post  Letchworth-Smythe on Wed Feb 26, 2014 3:54 pm

As I said to dubmeup via pm recently, this is what they try to do (oioioi, psketti, gilly, andy etc), when you question a fascist they immediately turn on you and call you names, persecute you and try to alienate you from the group.

If you keep speaking sense and highlighting the fascist tendencies of the in-crowd there, you will inevitably find yourself banned and ejected from the group.

They are suffering from the same problem as David, trying to make a community in opposition to Liberal democracy that is less liberal and less democratic, inevitably and eventually such dark desires dissipate, ending in disaster for hopefully as few people as possible.

Like the Raelians.


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