pacmans liver is cabbaged from all the temazapn tablets

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pacmans liver is cabbaged from all the temazapn tablets

Post  mervyn_perving on Wed Mar 12, 2014 8:03 am

pacman you bastard you gotta changed your ways
as pink shirts and tan sprays are for the gays and the mermaids
little yellow orb in a sexual crisis repped and scored 26 righteous on rectum fighter pilots
you know your in a shit tip called PACLAND
everyone has jaundice and is a wee colour like urine
bangin in a caravan in the back of the Vatican is ms pacman got raped by tom selleck from maganum
took too many too many tamazapn tablets left him brain damaged and a faggot
hurry up and die pacman your life is over no more naked yoga like shrek the ogre
my heads fuked I am terry funk and cannot get an erection without an cock pump

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