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Re: Sean Banned from DIF

Post  kavi on Sun Jun 29, 2014 12:32 pm

Originally Posted by resistance  Hi Gareth, firstly thanks for taking the time to create this thread, and I wish you good luck in your new role.   Where to start with all the problems that I see going down around here? If I take the time to write a post out later this evening, or perhaps tomorrow now, will you give me your word that it's not going to removed from the boards first?  

All this talk about being positive means nothing if people aren't allowed to openly talk about and address the negative. One simply can't just pretend to remain positive while sweeping problems under the carpet, which is effectively what a number of people here are suggesting we do.

It's absurd. It's a bit like the Soviet union where people weren't allowed to question or discuss certain things through fear of being marched off to the Gulag, no matter how big the elephant in the room. It's like driving a car with thick black smoke piling out of the exhaust and being told to drive on because everything is O.k.

Everything is not O.k Gareth. That's basically how things have become around here, TPV fiasco being a classic example, where good people were treated like insignificant minions for openly expressing their concerns (which turned out to be true). In fact it was disgraceful how some people were treated and just fobbed off around here.  

As TPV clearly demonstrated, nothing ever works works when you ignore, disclude or shut out your own membership from having their say. People need more inclusion to feel they truly belong to something, which is sadly lacking here on the DI forums.

Instead members are often just silenced or fobbed off in the same headache-inducing manner. It's all got to a point where people are sick of this charade. Bear in mind too that the type of people who are attracted to the ''truth movement'' are generally rebellious, free spirited and often suspicious in the first place. So it should come as no real surprise why your membership likes to ask questions about the inner runnings of this place, and especially if it's made a taboo to do so.  

You simply can't treat free thinking intelligent adults who ask critical questions like naughty school children, people have every right to ask awkward questions, and nothing will ever change that. Not only that they expect honest answers! Unfortunately some people around here are not sufficiently evolved enough to realise that yet, and as a result have pissed off a great deal of good people. I ain't banning anyone for asking questions mate.

I'm certainly not banning you for bringing this up.  Feel free to mail me and between everyone we will do our best to sort the issues out.   I set up this thread for one sole reason, to get everyones suggestions and opinions. No matter what they may be."]

Gareth Icke


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Re: Sean Banned from DIF

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